Targeted Individual

What is it to feel like no one understands you?

There’s nothing new about torture. There’s nothing new about the need to control. There’s nothing new about an oppressor and a victim. 74 years ago a population the size of Phuket got vaporized because the USA wanted to send a message. Japan heard it loud and clear. American Pie, Human pyramids, Ewen Cameron’s electric “miracle,” Collateral damage. The CIA treats contingency plans like heroin: there’s never enough but they would bleed dry without them. They’re always on borrowed time. Evil people don’t play fair. They balance accounts: if things don’t add up, they lie and blame you instead.

Cointelpro never stopped. Have you figured out that you’ve been unofficially initiated into the new Black Panthers? Huey P. Newton no longer has a race, he’s middle-class, he refuses vaccines, he asks “serious” questions, he reserves his opinion until he’s probed for truth, he’s empathetic.

You are now the new enemy of the state.

It is now a crime to doubt what is force-fed to you as truth. There are no alternatives. You will sit under Boaz or Jachin. You are a primitive animal that needs to be neutered. You will watch the football on Sunday, your mind will fill with false emotion when the team we ritually chose won. You will honor our hierarchy. Kevin Spacey will smile at you, and you will smile back. Kevin would eat your newborn for brunch, you will never know about that. You will be notified when you can think an original thought. You will censor it in your quiet moments. We will package it and resell it through Amazon, but only when all the life has been extracted.

Pain is relative. We live in a world where the worth of a human can be measured in eulogies, car accidents, “Likes,” ass-implants, and the purple pickle emoticon. Life has a used by date. Unfortunately, the machine has decided that you’re not worth the expense. The symphony of humanity is Drake caressing a minor. To be conservative is to follow a tradition when it works. Liberalism is a pimp who takes Truth, beats it senseless and barters it to the desperate. You have been rejected form the party for wearing the clothes of your ancestors. Greta doesn’t like that you drink from a plastic cup. The other guests are glued together with embalming fluid. You are leaving the Danse Macabre. Your heart still pumps the lifeblood of the past. Intuition has kept your soul intact like a newborn. It protected you from the world.

You drift into an abandoned part of town. You discover a dive bar named “Instinct.” A 40-year-old heathen with a receding hairline is screaming into a microphone. He howls forcefully like a wolf. He’s balancing on a tightrope between delusion and truth. Only the wild attend. There is no WIFI. They stare into each other’s eyes firmly when speaking. They cut their teeth on respect and tradition. Confrontation is a ritual. The rules are unspoken and are learned from mistakes. Their legs are spread. Is this chaos? This is the real you. Before your soul decorated itself in a shell called identity. Your blood pumped iron and steel. You castrated yourself for a shadow on the wall. You were original. Self-censorship is a mind virus. Don’t think! Remember when your decisions were synchronous with your environment. God designed you to be perfect like a Hawk. Do Hawks fear? We were apex predators. Now we can hardly breathe without Siri’s assistance. To live is to remember to be in the driver’s seat. Your keys to freedom are your birthright. Use your gut like a compass that will take you to the sun of the living. Do not succumb to shame. Ignore the preachers of self-righteousness, they hide their agendas.

You are sovereign

Be wary of those who adorn themselves in false piety. The wicked will appear as Angels. Christ will be spat on and shunned. Avoid the vortex of political correctness. Do not abandon yourself when your fuel tank is empty. Your duty is to bring in the New World. It starts with the targeted individual. The future of the planet is dependent on YOUR TIMELINE. You are the new Atlas. You carry the earth on your back. Uncreate your false self. Mediocrity is a tumor to your sovereignty. You can never turn back. The world has been assigned a template. The machine has crafted its personality from a web of human placeholders. Most people have quietly accepted bondage; their highest achievement will be a prison warden. You have a chance to change everything. The whole universe is kindly waiting for you to remember your power. Jupiter has been probing your heart. The central sun wants you to stop playing make-believe. Get naked. Remove your costume you call personality.

Trust no one but your inner voice. The noise will try to drown it out. Scream until Odin hears you in Valhalla. The world refuses to take Artificial Intelligence seriously because they’re waiting for the robots to cook for them and grab them a beer. By then it’s too late. To be targeted is the AI saying it cannot replicate you. It has claimed ownership over all of humanity. You were always original. The machine cannot own you.

How Malevolence Works

We have both a collective and personal shadow, which is the collective unconscious and the subconscious. The entirety of MK ULTRA, clandestine operations: unacknowledged special access programs, Illuminati in-fighting, ancestral trauma (epigenetics), Artificial Intelligence, false timelines work through the subconscious. There is a amnesia wall that is built as a buffer, which works to conceal the truth of the human condition.

I”m yet to find a satisfactory answer for our reason to be here; the idea of a single unified reason seems unsatisfactory, when as we know, even our own ego-states do not have a single unified reason to co-operate with each other. However, I think it’s reasonable to say that most of us do not like murder, or rape, or torture, or abuse, or pedophilia, or deception, or lies. So regardless of our differences we could generally describe Evil as that which is in opposition to our real nature, which is compassionate, which is good. Ordinarily we don’t want to participate in that which is Evil, we are naturally good, so those that are malevolent have used a spiritual and legal loophole, using deception to co-opt us for their usage. Within the Illuminati this is blatantly obvious, as we have personalities that are designed to do things we would normally never do, for example: during a ritual a group of us murdered an innocent person and then ate them. Well I’m not a murderer, and I’m not a cannibal, so how did this happen? Well it works within a framework of consent, which roughly equates to “they committed this action which is Evil, and they weren’t strong enough to resist, therefore they accepted the Evil act, therefore it cannot be Evil because those that are Good accepted it.” So the natural function of being a human is overwritten with laws that favor the perpetrator. You can justify anything when you play this game. Evil thinks what they’re doing as good. It’s just they lack the fundamental intelligence of compassion, which is higher dimensional in nature, so it never really is good.

The blueprint of evil begins by taking someone who is innocent (such as a child) and systematically breaking the child via torture, until their entire endocrine system accepts that which is false as true. It’s like rewiring the nervous system, where the off switch is on, and vice versa, an example: the reticular formation of my brain, and the muscle neurons can activate on command when seeing someone murdered – this produces a “forced” orgasm. I have alters that are deliberately used for this purpose. The breeding ground of trauma births the depravity of Hollywood, the schizophrenia of Government, the savagery of war, the sickening of the planetary biomass. The insanity of this planet begins with trauma based mind-control and this starts with the individual. Almost every person you see on a screen, anyone with fame or influence, began with their mind being split via torture when they were a child. How is it possible to have a planet that can support fundamental human rights, when those that run it do not have a human intelligence occupying their body? They abandoned their humanity for the machine that is Satanism. Satanism is not just a decay of what is considered morality, it is an energetic dissonance, a deregulation of truth where death holds the reigns and disinformation is the destination. There is no need to sensationalize it, Evil is simply a machine like IKEA or Amazon delivery. It functions because it has to, it is blind, an algorithm where blood and iron coalesces in a black pool of human trauma. This is the reason for the Trans-human epidemic, the streamlining of human life-force into predictable behavior so the machine becomes uncanny. Where people choose to be the bee, or the ant of their own freewill, then the machine can extract it’s nectar or honey without any pretense.

Evil can only work in the shadow. The shadow works undisturbed when the captain of the ship gets drunk and abandons it to the machine. Since the human race refuses to truly understand who they are, their real nature, they will always live the replication and distortion of what is original, by an old AI, and dying race of cannibals – which is a copycat. This is not simply the Ego, which can be used positively like a tool, this is the Ego being run by the shadow. We as a species have been trauma bonded by those that abuse us, they that treat us like Cattle, Billionaire monomaniacs that suck on children’s semen like lemon drops.  These machine men are the inversion of life, they are entropy in a Neapolitan suit, they are the artist who ran out of ideas and now drinks alone. So how are they so effective at controlling the large majority of this planet? Trauma….Trauma! Our adrenal glands are hyper-wired by neon advertisements designed to make us infantile, food that turns our offspring into gender ambivalent, “education” that neuters any real knowledge that can get us out of this mess. When you’re finally beaten into submission, like a tame, deaf dog, you’re given a pat on the ass, a mortgage, a congratulatory initiation into the hive culture of modern day slavery – you’ve achieved the status of a “normal” citizen. The thing is, you can tell yourself “everything is okay” but you know deep down it isn’t. The drinking problems begin, the prescription pills, the strange sexual fetishes and browsing history you laughingly clear knowing you might get off if someone actually saw it.  The human race is dealing with collective Stockholm Syndrome.

The problem with self-dishonesty of the “average” citizen, is that by submitting to their own misfortune, they dissociate further from the only thing that can save them…themselves. So we build up walls faster than Trump can to protect us from the real need to feel our pain. When we dissociate from pain, the shadow amasses into a programmable putty. This is where the machine manipulates. It knows exactly what we’re hiding from ourselves. Why the need for euphoria? To feel joy? To balance the scales of our modern servitude, because we’re being bled dry in cubicles: human farms. The coke dealer is an axle within the machine, Taylor Swift a piston, Jordan Sather a couple of screws, Obama’s “message of hope” the lubricant. This hurts, this is painful, living a life of “security” when our primal drum, our biological talisman the heart, wants freedom. The stress we have is artificial, just enough to build up our energetic “fat” so our vampiric farmhand can get its fill of human life force. Those that cannot provide the necessary sustenance become the casualties of the prison system, the patients of the Psychiatric hospitals: food that’s gone past the “use by date.” The “successes” or “over-achievers” in this system, are simply sheepdogs or trophies. This is the mind of the machine called Satanism.

Within MK ULTRA, our trauma is organized and deliberate. They plan this before we’re born, in test-tubes, our ancestors pass down their blood covenants like over-sized FUBU. Our mind splinters, fractals of our original ego, that are used as intellectual property for the cult we’re born into. When we’re traumatized there’s no real way to unify with these occult aspects of ourselves, however their effects are able to be witnessed with the correct use of self-awareness. It is more sophisticated how our minds are used, but that isn’t to say that this type of traumatization is exclusive to Illuminati slaves. The same methods work with the entire collective of humanity. A bunch of Muslims were killed in Christchurch, NZ in a satanic ritual, the Prime Minister was the High Witch that oversaw the ritual, she wore a burka and pretended to sympathize with the nation of traumatized Kiwis whilst clutching the bloody receipts for her deity in her left hand. The nation turned to her for hope, she used the populace as an energetic vortex to feed her master. We as a species are going to be continued to be used and abused, until we can collectively recover our memory of trauma, which is hidden within the subconscious and resolve to heal it. There will always be the rabid hyena stalking the “noble Christian” or the “Bang Bros subscription” on the credit card receipt of the “good father” until our shadows are acknowledged. You might think “what’s wrong with Bang Bros? it’s just a bit of fun,” this is exactly what I’m saying. That’s the thinking of someone whose been traumatized, imagine looking them in the eyes, vulnerable like a child, you would feel shame – small note: almost all these porn actors/actresses are MK ULTRA Illuminati Slaves! – Shame only exists when you have not acknowledged all aspects of yourself, and made peace with them. I’m not here to proselytize, however when you know yourself honestly, without fear, then the reigns no longer belong to the machine. The wolf in your mind becomes your greatest ally, not the thing that appears in a Hungarian Brothel, or leaking out your nose, 1.00 am on a Thursday. This isn’t an easy process, but it’s a necessary one. When humanity chooses to heal as individuals and then collectively, that is when the machine dies, and malevolence can no longer operate.

Poverty Program (Artificial Lifestyles)

For whatever reason, on some higher level, I made the idiotic choice of incarnating into a Satanic Bloodline; It could be for many reasons: maybe I had some karma to clear, or to contribute my gifts for the planet during a consciousness ascension cycle, or perhaps there was a mission that needed my skill set to complete the objective. I must preface that when we are trafficked as a Illuminati slave we have a life that is deliberately engineered to be difficult, which has a multi-pronged effect. There is certainly an unnatural amount of suffering that warps our lives from a sedative trance into a chaotic storm of emotional distress and psychological maelstrom. Our daily lives (Our front alters – Dissociative Identity Disorder) are often designed intentionally to have parents who are narcissistic, icy, unfeeling and manipulative.  By using this careful misdirection through the prior method our attention to our roles at night-time become our saving grace, where we are given “praise” and “love” via trauma-bonding with corrupt programmers/handlers. A key factor in controlling us and to reify the false belief that “day time” is a “drag” is by inserting a “poverty program” which is to say that our family is destitute and money will always be an issue, which is then used as a decoy to support the narcissistic abuse from our “poor,” “hard done by” parents. The “poverty program” is used again to great effect to hide the cult life, where we often have large amounts of disposable income made from assignments, or cult jobs such as prostitution. The net effect of the “poverty program,” particularly on a subconscious level produces a feeling of hopelessness, or learned victim-hood – this creates a “Satanic” inversion against our souls as radiant, fearless, powerful creators. The motivation from the Illuminati is to limit our mobility, freedom, to remove hope of a better life and to keep us in vulnerable state for programming purposes. To supplement our “daily” trauma of course is the standard damage of being a programmed multiple created through Satanic ritual abuse: the splitting of the mind, the torture, hypnosis, drugs, virtual reality simulations, staged setups, etc. Lastly we appropriate the collective suffering of humanity (everyone does): which works like a network HDD, storing the summation of humanities collective suffering living on a planet that is being gamed by Luciferian psychopaths. These mobsters have enslaved us for thousands of years: this is the genetic enslavement, fake wars, consciousness enslavement, technological and biological warfare, engineered diseases and catastrophes, and the various death programs that have been inserted into the entire collective.

So what happens after a series of systematic, engineered abuse done in a calculated manner? well we dissociate it via Polyfragmented Dissociative Identity Disorder. The distinction between what the masses suffer as unconscious trauma, and what we suffer as an Illuminati slave, is that our trauma is generated scientifically: through methods that are consistent, and that produce expected outcomes – this is for the purpose of utilizing sub-personalities. So we have different personalities and each one is connected to timelines that are obscured via amnesia. These are like co-linear points on a single timeline, with electroshock torture as a buffer between each segment to hide their interaction with each other. An Illuminati slaves “day” life will work like a microcosm of our “night” life: themes will surface, unconscious habits will appear, repeated events, people will cross-transfer between the night and the day etc. This is similar to the iceberg concept: where the tip of the iceberg is our programmed “day” life as a “host“, and our amnesiac multiple life would be the rest of the object, far larger in scale; to put it simply it’s the difference between “the self and the shadow.” Frozen personalities are anchored to unconscious trauma vis-à-vis punishing experiences have an affect of emotional and psychological miasma. This is the propagation of repeated patterns that can not be resolved until the original personality state has been acknowledged, the events that created it are observed and the release of the state in time has been implemented. Illuminati use virtual reality setups to program slaves, this is through the use of highly advanced black budget technology. Virtual reality setups are used in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence, to streamline programming, and remove human error. They have standardized “setups” that are effective in reinforcing programmed sub-personalities: they are made with an operator playing out a script in a scene – then this experience is downloaded into a MK Ultra slave, it’s akin to a manipulated dream, that plays clearly, but has obviously been tampered with. I will explain how this works in another post. I don’t have a contract with the CIA, so my explanation of the methods will probably have some misinformation: the reason is I’m trying to explain to the best of my ability, without any debriefing of how it actually works. I also don’t trust half the explanations on the internet about how simulations work, as most of the content is being pushed by obvious controlled opposition.

Controlled Opposition (Avoid Aug Tellez)

I was going to wait a while before doing this post, but it’s an extremely important subject. Most people who are within the public are now aware that the Illuminati has planned for a global takeover for centuries now, the beginning of which was to stage a fake alien invasion where they get to play the good guys, when destitute and a “shocked” public will turn to them our of fear of the unknown (like a farmer herding Cows). This “grand” event will be the unifying feature that brings humanity under a “One World Government.” I can’t say for certain this will happen, because they use artificial intelligence to predict outcomes for the future depending on information being fed into it, so they can alter their plans depending on public awareness of their end game.

It’s important to think of Satanic Mind Control as total control, not some control, not the majority of control, total control. The point is the masses have been put under a spell by a select groups of black magicians that know the ins and outs of power: occultism, psychology, spirit, soul, sexuality, cloning, genetics, archetypes, hypersigils, financial systems, hypnotism, cybernetic systems, magic etc. This leaves the average person unequipped to see through the bullshit. Of course, there are people who have a certain amount of discernment and can see through at least parts of their illusion. This is where the gatekeepers turn up, and do their dirty work for the people who asks questions. There are two main areas that people are shipped into: The New Age (high-jacked movement) and Truther community (conspiracy theorists). Remember when I said “total control?” they want to steal everyone’s genetics, every bloodline, all your ancestors, all your children. This is how they think, they’re like a black-hole. Truth is, they’re dying, the more human awareness increases the harder it is for them to feed.

Illuminati is keeping the charade going, and there is a big problem with how controlled opposition is keeping their AI timelines open (which are unnatural). They are doing high level manipulation that the average person is unequipped to understand. I mentioned they use AI – I will explain it as simply as I can: the AI takes all information into it and co-opts the information that is threatening to it’s existence and therefore the Illuminati’s existence, they then subvert the information by delivering it to their agents, who feed it back to the people. They get to play the guru role essentially, whilst duping the gifted people who are intelligent enough to see through their standard mind control. When you support one of their agents, you are supporting the enslavement of human consciousness whether you realize it or not. This isn’t anyone’s fault, because the manipulation is way too sophisticated, however I hope after reading this you may have some tools to assist you. This is how it works: they have their agents littered all over YouTube, the AI algorithm will give them influence regardless of their skill or talent (generally they’re quite talented), eventually a sub-set of the “awake” community will latch onto one of their agents, because the information (bait) will resonate with them – it’s exactly like fishing. The information will always have misinformation, distortion of truth, lies, withholding of truth. People are generally enamored by certain characteristics of their agents: sometimes this is reasonable, sometimes this verges into the realm of cultism.

I mention Aug Tellez as one of the worst in that regards. He’s not the most popular, but his role is one of the most dangerous, his philosophy and perspective surmises the Illuminati, Gnostic, Luciferianism to the core. It’s like if you could put the entire Illuminati into one person, like the head of a snake- that would be the guy. People latch onto him, because he’s made of the people who latch onto him. That is they take the experience, information, stories, personalities of people who were trained in the Illuminati, and have him feed it back to them. So Illuminati slaves think he’s their hero because he’s delivering their stories back to them, it’s a magic trick. Truth is he’s a programmer, and a terrible one at that. What’s a programmer? A programmer is someone who has no problem torturing, manipulating, controlling, abusing, stealing another persons life for their personal gain. That’s his job! We in the Illuminati know who he is, it’s time for the public to know who he is and stop supporting him.

This is how you learn discernment:

Why doesn’t he use his real name? Why does he look like Jesus? Is their a reason for that.

Does he have any ties to intelligence agencies? Specifically the NSA? Is it a wise idea to trust intelligence agencies? Are intelligence agencies really a front for the cult?

Why does he manipulate language on his blog? Is he using neuro-linguistic programming? Can words be used as a weapon?

Is he willing to be confronted if challenged via the aforementioned questions? Or does he run away from being challenged?

Is there information on the internet that shows contradictory behavior, from the persona he presents to the public? Is he wise and enlightened in his personal life, or does he have skeletons in his closet?

These are reasonable questions, now please ask him, or ask your own questions and watch him run away (he’s a coward). When you realize he wont answer reasonable questions: especially if he’s playing the role of “prophet” or helping humanity “heal,” then you will truly understand who he is. Many people have already figured this out, but it’s important that his influence is reduced significantly, and their timeline (negative) is quashed. When you’ve figured out how to spot agents like Aug Tellez, then you can move onto the rest, which are far easier. They’re everywhere, so good luck, and don’t worry if you feel like you’ve been fooled, the majority has, including me. I will post an article by my friend Rachel Caruso, who is another Illuminati MK Ultra survivor, and her expose on Aug Tellez (It’s a Facebook post but open to the public).

Then try typing “Aug Tellez is a liar” into YouTube, and then the picture will become clearer.



Hypersexualization within Satanic cults (Diamond BETAS)

I was inspired by Lisa Renee’s (I don’t agree with all her content) recent blog post “Moloch Programming” to talk about the problem of hypersexulization within Satanic cults. One of the main issues of being born into Illuminati, is that sex becomes normalized at a very young age. Not long after childbirth they use utensils that open up the orifices of a baby to allow insertion of a penis. They also use micro-chemical injections, and small electric convulsive shocks to simulate areas in the brain to feel pleasure, the babies are rewarded with a dopamine boost for accommodating the sexual act of an adult. Younger children are turned into black widows for espionage and assassination to compromise “elites” who are well known for their predilection for children. Children are taught that sexual behavior, is a form of play, not to be taken seriously: it’s code named “fun” by the programmers. This is terrible to observe in real life, my entire family is Illuminati, when I watch how my niece and nephew use sexual innuendo at the grand old age of five it’s absolutely heartbreaking.


Within my time during in “The Order” I achieved the role of a “DIAMOND BETA” which is a “presidential model” sex slave. They use a “Jewel” ranking system, where Amethyst (Deceit, Manipulation) is the initiatory Jewel, then Ruby (sex, prostitution), Emerald (witchcraft) and finally Diamond (high level sexual training). This is going to sound fictional, but within the Illuminati I must impress, that rank and abilities determine the position within the cult, not necessarily social status. The concept of celebrity isn’t as well regarded within the Illuminati as it is in the public; especially considering the well known fact, that many celebrities use prostituting themselves to gain their fame, and fortune.

My initiation into becoming a “Diamond” was being pack raped by Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Cameron Diaz, Vince Vaughn, John Reilly to name a few. It was a ceremonial ritual, where many young-adults were receiving their graduation into the “higher” levels of the Illuminati. The process of becoming a “Diamond” generally means we’ve passed the most severe training, and achieved the highest degree of cult indoctrination: the code name for this is called “being worthy.” I had to go first, during the rape I fought the entire time; I was biting, kicking, spitting, cursing at them – this just made them more wild. I remember John Reilly getting his belt to beat me when I started resisting, I still remember his expression on his face: uncontrollable, pink-faced, fury, not what one would expect from a well praised comedian. The rest of the young-adults wisely figured out not to resist, to submit and accept their initiation. I was the only person who fought, I’m still the same to this day, always fighting, never allowing anyone to impose their will onto me: the Illuminati said they “admired” this quality I have – whether they’re lying or not I don’t know. When receiving a new jewel, this is sealed with another Illuminati member also graduating via a blood covenant, this is very similar to “Twinning.” When a blood covenant is made there are unique metaphysical abilities that are produced as a result of the exchange, for example all women I’ve had any serious ceremonial rituals with, including but not limited to covenants, I’m telepathic with.

I was also a well known trainer, I helped develop sexual skills for other BETAS who were learning the ropes, so to speak. BETAS indiscriminately sleep with men, women, children and animals, they essentially have no inhibitions at all; snuff acts are a common request, sexual depravity of the worst kind. We’re also strung out on drugs most of the time and live in a fantasy world: a slightly hypnotic trance of partying with famous people, having wild sex, and enjoying the fast pace that comes with the occupation. Needless to say, this is completely unhealthy behavior. Within the Illuminati they simply call hedonism “fun” and it’s normalized: you’re considered a prude if you don’t follow along. This is why the “drugs, sex and rock and roll” lifestyle is so heavily promoted in the media: that is to indoctrinate the public to the acceptable standard of interpersonal relations vis-a-vis Satanic values: normalization of depravity. Eventually they would like the public to accept pedophilia which is a preference for many of the “elite.” I try not to be judgmental as I know many people within the Illuminati who enjoy this lifestyle, although it does seem that most of this deviant behavior is the culmination of a lifetime founded on childhood trauma, and the reinstating of the trauma via regular programming. I agree with Lisa when she says this is extremely damaging to the soul, in fact these behaviors necessarily develop into pathological behaviors such as Narcissism and Sociopathy, the end result being soul fragmentation. I’ve had many lovers within Illuminati, sometimes this extended to relationships during the day (host persona), that I might get into later. It’s normal for even lukewarm acquaintances to have sex immediately on meeting within Satanic cults: quick sex is simply way of saying “hello, how are you?” Promiscuity is the norm, emotional detachment is the norm, genuine intimacy is rarely achieved and becomes maladaptive, as per Satanic doctrine: pain and love is the same thing. There is always this reversal element, that inverts a healthy connection between men and women in the Illuminati, and this is actively encouraged by supporting unhealthy personality characteristics: such as narcissism, seducer archetypes and self-worship.

These destructive personalities fuel a lifetime of looking outwardly for external (usually material, and sexual) objects to distract from their internal misery, which spirals into addictive behaviors that become impossible to resolve. Programmers use these hidden traumas, usually unknown to the cult member as a mechanism (Operant conditioning) to continue the re-uptake of pleasure (positive reinforcement), as a temporary means to escape their inner pain. Since this becomes cyclical, and results in diminishing returns, you need more and more pleasure to return to a state of equilibrium; they eventually hit rock-bottom: there’s not enough cocaine and champagne anymore to feel happy. Once the victim reaches this state there’s a tendency to take the trauma out either on the self, or by performing a homicidal act on another. This of course destroys the empathetic quality of the soul, which is a feeling presence, and awareness of oneself, and our connection to everything. I’m worried about other sex slave “BETAS‘ who are still stuck within the Illuminati prostitute grinder, and how it’s affecting their energetic integrity. They go through their lives stuck in a loop of flip flopping between pleasure, pain and guilt for never being able to reconcile their trauma. I’ve been connecting to the collective consciousness and have seen two people, who would be considered my primary lovers within the Illuminati, and their souls have been completely distorted; you could almost perceive their souls as resembling nonhuman, a transfiguration taking place due to the misregulation of energy – this is a tragedy! Amazingly charming, and beautiful both these woman are in essence. There’s always hope, I was in a similar situation, and have resolved most of my trauma, and addictions, as well as releasing my narcissistic qualities (less pronounced, but present), the sociopathic qualities are still there, but this is due to spiritual warfare, another subject all together.

MK Ultra Awakening (Part 2) Twinning, Love Bite, Illuminati Trauma Bonding.

Within the Illuminati, we’re “trauma bonded” to a counterpart. The other person is a mirror, we call them our “twin.” This teaches us that love and pain are equal. Satanism expects everything to be upside down. Have you heard of the phrase “kill for love?” They force us as children to drown one another, then to resuscitate. We hug each other after. Our lives are in each other’s palms. We inhale and exhale out of shared lungs. Half of them are inserted in my mind. This sets the stage for our planned lives, as “twins.” Love & Hate. Our assignments are conjoined. One child sleeps with a German pedophile: the other child hears his story asynchronously. We whisper secrets that only Christ could forgive. There are sets of twins that work as groups. We were trained at MI6’s “greenhouse,” with another set of English “twins.” Sometimes we would share each other in sexual trysts. You learn to be realistic with expectations within Satanic cults, everyone is out for themselves. Our souls and minds work together in unison. Alters are activated by restoring ancient trauma within the blood. Epigenetics restores the love that should have dispersed into the black sea. We’ve been through Hell together. I use to hate her for being too narcissistic, I’m happy that she’s alive.

This began mid – 2014, and still lasts in some form or another (much to my dismay) to the present day mid – 2019. Whilst I was living with my flatmate the aforementioned MK Ultra victim Adam (psychedsubstance), I conveniently found a job across the street working as a customer service representative (a euphemism for an office slave) for Concentrix: which is another cult trafficking center for Illuminati slaves. During the first week of indoctrination we were being programmed with white-collar, trans-global, corporate gibberish, which interestingly seemed to keep me in a state of mild trance. The wonderful discovery that this company is actually a programming center, implies that the corporate labor is being used as another tool to complement the MK Ultra mind control. On the last day of “training” I spotted my female counterpart: 5’9, Brunette, NZ European, stunning, charismatic and completely untrustworthy. I had the infamous “déjà vu” experience of observing another member of the cult, who we’re already smitten with in the after hours (multiple personalities) aka: “I KNOW THAT PERSON!” This is not the first or last time I’ve experienced the feeling of already “knowing a person” which happens all the time when meeting Illuminati members during the day – however I knew it was serious this time.

So once the training ended, we had time to make our self comfortable with the surroundings (a prison designed by IKEA), have friendly relations, pretend that we actually cared about any of this. I used the most politically correct mask I could: just enough to contain my writhing hatred of anything that contained an order that isn’t “you must drink this beer now.” So like good little Lemmings, we speak into a phone, some middle aged motherly type complains that her Bejeweled app doesn’t let her buy the pink unicorn skin, and I tell her in the most considerate way possible, that perhaps she should burn the phone, discard it and grow a garden instead (that never happened). I would sit there for thirty minutes repeating the phrase “have you switched it on and off” ad infinitum, until they got bored or I could transfer the call to someone slightly less antagonistic (this kind of happened). Anyway enough of this nonsense. I had one handler at this job, Mr Andrew Lancaster, I found this fact out recently after deprogramming. It’s interesting to note there’s a good chance he was a trainer for Mixed Martial Arts superstar Conor Mcgregor, don’t quote me on it – just a hunch. Now you might ask, why would the Illuminati have such a prestigious handler working in a dead-end job when he could be mingling with the rich and famous? I don’t know, they like doing weird shit like that, they put masterful programmers in crack houses to handle no-name Illuminati victims who just exited half-way houses, I don’t understand why, but they like to have everywhere covered. The Grand Old Order likes to keep there minions in high places, and the alleyways: total control, a vice-grip, R-Complex, Nano-infested approach for the grand game of human farming.

The whole point of this Illuminati front company and this specific operation, was to get me and my female counterpart together in a romantic relationship; that was the entirety of Andrew Lancaster’s job, as well as my counterparts handler Laura Allison. This was to be done using our BETA alters, which are naturally used to seducing each other. In fact I know with certainty that Laura used a trigger phase “she’s on the prowl” whilst chatting nonchalantly about the unbelievable chemistry between me and my familiar (I’m exaggerating slightly -👍), which is simply a way of priming BETAS who see themselves typically as cats. We were already lovers during the night, our “evening” alters maintained a close, intimate bond. Everything going to plan, our midnight escapades were to extend into the daily hours, albeit in our host personalities. Her position at the job was similar to a minor management position. She would spend fifteen minutes monitoring a live call that a staff member was engaged in, and give a rating depending on some rubbish criteria made from some middle-management team in Singapore: the type who have to make unnecessary rules to justify the company “strippers and coke” binge at the end of the year. The senior management (handlers) made sure that every live call I did was with her, this was for bonding, rapport and to begin an intimate relationship…they wanted us fucking each other in a couple of weeks. I mentioned beforehand I have BETA alters, she also has BETA alters, so everyone of our interactions was simply a combatant form of seduction and manipulation, as per rule of the BETA code of turning everything into sex. This was hilarious at the time, because it was done almost entirely in a politically correct manner; the logic was, we should probably sleep together, but pretend everything we were saying was the opposite – awkward, subtly sexual, office jeering. I know as men we have a tendency to create romantic fantasies when there’s no plausible reason to do so, we manipulate a discrete glance of disinterest into an overt, sexual gesture – a nod of the head here, a twist of the hair and we think an ordinarily stuck-up woman now wants to bear our fourth child. We’ve all been guilty of this, however this woman couldn’t of made it more obvious what she wanted if my entire experience of romantic liaisons up to that point, was a sexual education pamphlet and the lingerie section of the local Walmart. In a brazenly primal gesture, at one point she literally came into my office space (open office by the way), pressed her stomach into the nearest shelf, arched her back, and had made sure I could clearly see her ass in full view (Distracting, in a good way). I’ve noticed women do this when they get bored of the talking and want to speed things up, almost a biological safety check to make sure they’ve found an actual member of the opposite sex “hurry up my man – you’ve done a fine job so far, you’ve managed to pass the test of being a suitable candidate for potentially risking child birth, now pick up the pace.” This was the female equivalent of saying “you must of been dropped as a child, if you don’t know what this means.”

As things started to ramp up, my enthusiasm for the job went from a stale acceptance of office drudgery, to a maddeningly, seething despair of corporate slavery; especially in contrast to my weekends which were “Dimethyltryptamine, fuck it, lets destroy our identities and remake them into etheric, cosmic, solar stars and traverse the multiverse.” I was starting to not be able to control what was happening with this girl. I found that out that the only reason I was attending this place, was because of her – I had, in an uncharacteristically, office-basic-bitch, lapdog, bemusedly pathetic way….fallen in love with her. I never do this, I don’t care how beautiful the woman is, how entertaining, seductive or charming, I would never love someone before sleeping with them: technically we already had, hidden through the expert use of drugs, amnesia and Dissociative Identity Disorder – this is my pride speaking. So of course I did my typical thing, when I feel like I’ve lost any form of personal power and handed it over to another, I sabotaged any real way of turning this into anything more than verbal, I quit the job and left the city. Yes, that’s what I do, usually in a dramatic fashion, anytime I feel anything resembling this weak emotion called love for anyone other than myself, I rejected it. I’m sure she thought, “good riddance, why waste time with such a wishy-washy idiot anyway, plenty of more decisive men in the gene-pool” – and she would be right. Now please understand, in the grand scheme of things I actually did the right thing. I did love this women, I was supposed to love her, we already loved each other at night, since we were children. However, I also felt genuine fear around her, guttural, and instinctual, and this emotion was well-founded; this was a warning from my subconscious that this wasn’t going to turn out well – insert story of Odysseus and the Siren. As I mentioned during the introduction, we are “trauma” bonded, that is we’ve done an incredible amount of abuse to each other within the cult environment: stabbed each other, tortured each other, humiliated each other – this is standard protocol within Satanic cults. Pain and love is the same thing within the Illuminati, that is the foundation of how our relationship was formed. Would it of been a wise idea to commit to a blatantly engineered relationship, where torture and intimacy is the same thing? Well the Illuminati seem to think so, as they’ve arranged a five year campaign to finalize the union between me and her; they’ve even resorted to paying her host persona (day personality) to reengage the relationship at a later date, incredibly desperate on their behalf, I will go into that later. There are two more parts to this story , the next part is where a supernatural element becomes a key factor (this is through the use of technology and black magic), and the last part involves an expert use of dissociation, and the creation of a “honeypot” environment – aka, using a controlled environment that mimics the real world, but is used almost entirely for a designed purpose.



MK Ultra Awakening (Part 1) Auckland

I was inspired by this video to write a story. This is what would be called my “daily life.” The Illuminati programs their slaves to simulate a fake “daily life” to conceal a hidden “nightlife.” Our daily lives are similar to what most people would call their life in total. Unfortunately for us, we have a completely hidden “nightlife.” Our night lives are hidden through the use of drugs: Barbiturates, LSD, Alcohol, and Seconal; amnesia is induced through Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT – Ewen Cameron – Allan Memorial Institute) torture, hypnosis, and the usage of alters that perform the cult activities.

Our entire life, every major and minor event, from birth to old age is planned (refer to post- Divided Mind). Our jobs, our friends, the schools we attend, are all controlled and largely a joke. Our places of employment have demonic handlers, pagan rituals, co-workers who are really twin sisters. Our night lives are clothed in occultism. We become aware of this Truth through the work of deprogramming.

I have been part of a human trafficking operation since a child. I’m considered intellectual property for the cult I was born into. All of my friends are trafficked also. One of my primary uses was as a well-trained male prostitute. I’ve mixed with many crowds, from crack heads to movie stars. It doesn’t matter if you’re down-and-out or if you have millions of people adoring you; if you’re being trafficked it’s still slavery. This is a very complex, well-engineered, clandestine operation. The Illuminati use Babylonian mind control, ancient secrets, sadistic Programmers, and precise bloodlines targeted for the trafficking. Human trafficking is managed under the duress of torture: the genuine threat of losing loved ones and the constant reminder of what could happen if one is to “speak out.” There are choices that stimulate an awakening to the Truth of being a victim of human trafficking. Often these choices were moral in nature. If I picked the more negative choices I would be working within the Illuminati, rather than exposing it.

Introduction to how I became aware I was an MK Ultra slave – being used by the Illuminati.

In 2014, I was living in Auckland, New Zealand. I relocated there after a rough breakup with a former girlfriend. I was trafficked to a suburb called Mt Albert. My house looked like it was made of styrofoam. I suspect the owner isn’t human. Maybe he’s a prototype for the borg, their first attempt at infiltrating mankind. We did 2CB together once, I loved it, he thought demons were scattering across his bed like birdseed. Another victim was being trafficked at this house: Adam. We were programmed together in a facility in Calgary, Canada. Auckland was supposed to be a fresh start; I intended to mend my broken heart. There was an interesting design school in Auckland: part of the spider’s web called human trafficking. My programming worked so I enrolled. Auckland, a vortex pretending to be a city. An experiment where bloodlines maim each other for sport. The religion of Auckland is money. Their god gives them pleasure in return for obedience. He’s a fisherman that uses promissory notes as bait. The city is filled with anemic piranhas. Thankfully, I was put with a charismatic hybrid of Terence McKenna, Tony Robbins, and Mr. Clean. He helped me with my spiritual awakening. We would stumble around Auckland city Saturday night with saucer eyes, chemicals in our blood. Two wolves foaming at the mouth trying to be human again. We were ingesting the same drugs used for our programming.

(Interesting side story)

Shortly after my arrival in Auckland, I was already being harassed by AI operated gang-stalking. There was a bar off the CBD’s main street. It had the charming title “QF Tavern.” I went there by myself on a whim. The bar was half empty: Carlsberg, Dunhill Reds, Blundstones. Samoans hypnotized by vibrant, hypnogogic “pokie-machines.” Souls absorbed by a neon wasteland. They spoke like Extras from Coronation Street: lonely Irish man cheats on wife, a Bison imitating a woman is unhappy that lonely Irish man isn’t attracted to her. There was nothing entertaining about this conversation. Their dispute would make Anthony Bourdain spin in his grave. The liquor in me befriended another patron. He had a stint in prison for assaulting his ex-girlfriend, a real saint. We strolled over to another bar. A group of French youth littered the street like expired croissants. They made an attempt at using the only language they hate “HEY YOU, FUCK YOU, YOU PUSSY, WE FIGHT YOU!” “Not my scene” and we left. The convict suggested a local park: a place where CCTV cameras were as foreign as Saudi Bullion. This led to one of the many encounters with THE HIVE (soulless humans). THE HIVES’ consciousness is governed by the animal kingdom. They’re hindbrains with a 9 to 5. He pulled his penis out and threatened to rape me. I refused. Strangely, he didn’t put up a fight. The rape was a bluff.

To get back to the story.

My time was spent at Yoobee School of Design (cult-front) during the weekdays. The weekend was for psychedelics. The headteacher of our design department, Nik Weston, and comical loon, Jon Kay, are both cult programmers. Two of the female students are part of the same cult. The first, European New Zealander, a very charming, sociable type and another much younger Colombian girl, the kind who harbors her ancestor’s pain like a talisman, unusually beautiful. The girls were both being trafficked by the cult. Our alters knew each other from the night, they spoke in code, our daily personas heard white noise. It was enjoyable seducing the Colombian girl, we have BETA alters who treat seduction like a competition. Illuminati slaves are trained to seduce men and women from a very young age. We learned to bend over, so old European royalty can turn back the clock a decade. Most of the time was spent trying to undress her with words, she looked like a tanned porcelain doll. She knew what I was doing, and was comfortable with my approach. My intention was to convince her that removing her clothes in public was a great idea, I lost the battle.

Onto the more interesting parts of my awakening 

The weekend was for psychedelics. We were experimenting with mixing LSD, 2C-B, and alcohol. Risks are enjoyable for me, like a new dawn or a stranger’s gaze. A familiar process drinking, blackout, and regret. The dissociative function of switching alters cycles back to when I started drinking as a form of self-medication. Adam decided it would be a good idea to role-play Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and videotape it. He would be Hunter S Thompson; I would be his Samoan attorney. We would take psychedelics and “pick up girls.” We decided to go ahead with it, another person filmed the video. We mixed the LSD, 2C-B, and Alcohol together like Alchemists. We filmed it in the afternoon, a terrible idea. Wild-eyed, vasoconstriction, fake mustaches, testosterone, unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts. My jaw crunching imaginary arteries. A mother with a pram nervously avoided me. I would have cared if my brain could strain the dopamine from my nervous system: empty it into a bath that cleansed pity. I was an upright psychedelic vampire.

At one point, the trip started going bad, didn’t like being in public. We went back to the videographer’s apartment. I dissociated in the elevator, the tiles of the lobby were black and white, it was a masonic phantasmagoria. An alter resembling Rambo and micro-chemically induced madness took the body. I “threatened them,” wasn’t this the standard LSD trip? The problem was, my “friends” were genuinely afraid of me. This was when my Delta alter surfaced from the jungle called my mind. This alters name is “Prince” his program is based on 80’s action films. Prince lives his life as a prosecutor, he balances an internal scale of respect. Prince shapes the external world like a master builder, he divides the world into the quotient of respect and death. He feels violence is necessary when the numbers don’t add up. It took 30 minutes to calm me down, the entire time they were afraid for their safety. They were both far soberer than I, they sincerely believed I was going to attack them. It was true, Prince was going to attack them, however, I wouldn’t harm a fly. This was the first sign of being dissociative. Drugs are used for programming, the drugs broke the amnesia barrier between my conscious and subconscious mind.

Divided Mind

I’m interested in describing how does the Illuminati lifestyle is designed. Most people assume it’s a bunch of blood-drinking, child sacrificing, oddly dressed weirdos that meet in mansions on specific nights to worship Baal – this is only half-true. Most people in the Illuminati, don’t actually know they’re in the Illuminati. We are essentially living double-lives: this means we have a day persona and a night persona. Often times our personas are opposite in nature. My daily personality has warmer traits: passive, quiet, non-confrontational, “spiritual,” sociable and kind, I’m also a Christian. My evening personality is inverted: loud, aggressive, charismatic, hyper-sexual and dominant, I’m also a Satanist (interesting note – see how much I switch when I write). So this is the Illuminati dual nature and this is a very common setup. Not everyone’s MPD system is designed that way, some have a host persona that is more shell-like: cold, tasteless, boring, and unsociable. They have hidden alters are more developed (socially) and take the body depending if the context is appropriate. Our minds are very much like a community. We don’t have a single consistent personality state like most people. Alters are constantly jousting for control of the body, an example: I can listen to Bach, Ariana Grande, E-40, Lightning Bolt and Kate Bush in one sequence, it will still make sense to me. Most people don’t have such wildly different tastes in music. Illuminati members have a whole host of diverse ego states that have completely different tastes, often hostile to each other. The Christian personalities yearn for kindness, wholesome food, gospel, folk music, and community; the Satanic personalities crave obscure electronic music, McDonald’s, crack cocaine, sex, and power. So this is an internal reflection of the world inside the mind of an individual.

Our lives are also defined at a young age using an occult neurobiological test: Personality Assessment System (PAS – John W. Gittinger). The Illuminati knows us deeply since childhood: they’re aware of our aptitudes, gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses, habits, etc. Our programmers use PAS to evaluate and predict our future behaviors, this is why I’m getting harassed right now! The PAS can map and predict how our lives will play-out from childhood, teenage years, adulthood and old age, to a very high degree of accuracy. There are 3 major dimensions that define our personality; External: ego doesn’t see itself separate from the environment (outgoing), or Internal ego does see itself as separate from the environment (withdrawn). The next dimension is labeled as Regulated: learns through quick retention of information, but doesn’t understand the content deeply; or Flexible: truly understands what they’ve learned, and will spend more time mastering their knowledge. The last dimension is defined as Role Adaptive: “charismatic,” personality changes depending on the audience or Role Uniform: introverted, personality remains the same regardless of the context. Different personalities are developed depending on their purposes. As I mentioned before I have a more stable Christian personality as my host persona (External, Flexible, Uniform) and a Satanic personality as my cult persona (External, Regulated, Adaptive). There are also unique personalities made for different tasks, an example would be a Delta alter whose only job is to kill something. A Delta doesn’t need to be personable (Role Uniform) but may need to have good memory retention to locate a target (Internal) and remember geospatial data and logistics etc (Flexible).

There are two phases where we can change our personalities (suppress our primary behaviors) the first part is called compensation and the second is called modification. So say we’re “External” as a child, in our teenage years we may choose to suppress this behavior type and choose to be “Internal.” This will produce a different overall personality, and if it’s not deemed suitable by the programmers for our planned lives, there will be behavior modification to get back on track. To clarify, our first 3 primary dimensions result in 8 basic types, there are 6 different positions within each basic type resulting in 216 discrete basic types. These discrete basic types can be defined in 5 different ways, suppressed or enhanced (compensation), resulting in 27 000 types. The second behavioral change (modification) results in 4 different forms of modification resulting in 1,728,000 types. To put it simply, they really know how to build a human being from the ground up. Research Fritz Springmeirs “The Illuminati formula used to create an undetectable mind-controlled slave” where this information originates from.

Lastly, once they’ve evaluated our primary personality, mapped how our role is going to fit into society, there will be many doors that open to make sure we’re successful at the role we’re supposed to take in society. Why do you think all these kids from the “Mickey mouse club” all become celebrities? That’s “Project Monarch” and their lives are decided when they’re born. American Idol and all that garbage are used as a decoy to pretend the average person has a chance, all celebrities are bloodline – Ariana Grande will tell you!

The only other way other than bloodline to “make it” is to prostitute yourself. Me personally, I’m currently being targeted pretty significantly, because they know I’m a loudmouth and there was always a chance I would whistleblow. There are some contingency plans laid out for my life, which generally involve “torture a bit more this time Kev.” Truths a neglected spouse who’s sleeping with black men, whilst her husband thinks everything is “smooth-sailing.” Truth is the resin at the bottom of a pipe after the smoke disappears. People want to pretend that this isn’t happening, I haven’t been given that courtesy. The CIA says they stopped torturing people and splitting their mind in 1973 – don’t let them lie to you anymore.


Why I’m doing this.

I’ve spent the last four years in a bizarre, spiritual, psychological war with the cult I grew up in. They call this “training” – I call this “getting fucked so bad,” that I can’t tell if there’s an outcome to this other than who can win a pissing contest between a spiritual novice or parasites with advanced technology. I’ve spent most of the time on the sideline except when I would scout a known shill (at least to me), and I would get in their business.

Anyway, to give a brief introduction: I’m a young, multiple, former Illuminati slave (this is what I’m aiming for), who had an entire history within this organization that included but not limited to: sacrifices, rituals, demonic worship and imprinting, torture, pedophilia, celebrity lovers, advanced military training, incest, political infighting, sleeping with presidents, artificial intelligence, knife fights, cloning, drug addiction, espionage, astral warfare, binge eating, excessive amounts of sex, simulations, psycho/spiritual warfare, DID I MENTION TORTURE!? and much, much more. I don’t mean to sensationalize, but you begin to cultivate a bitter sense of humor when raised in this cult. Truth is, it has been a horrible, marvelous, soul forging experience, and the only significant thing I can think of is “why is this still happening?”

I’m finding the internet is cluttered with political, social, religious, cultural and occult disorganization. Chaos magic everywhere, courtesy of the intellectually inclined sub-group, of sub-humans who gained access to the technology they shouldn’t have anything to do with. If you supply an organism with the emotional development of a schoolyard-bully, high on Adderall, the secrets to the universe you’re bound to mess things up royally. Thanks to those idiots I have the alphabet soup agencies on my ass: the only soup I want in my life is the one you dip bread in. I’ve had to face not only my own self history, which is traumatic enough; I’ve also had to deal with those Illuminati clowns who have done everything besides sending me a receipt because they’ve decided that I’m some kind of threat in the future. That’s as far as their logic extends, “threat” – “torture” – beep bop – analysis – “still threat” – “torture” – beep, bop beep – analysis – “still threat” – “torture.”  Momo at the CIA with amphetamine-fuelled outcry: “DAMMIT MAN!! you better get that goddamn man, in a goddamn torture machine ASAP! before I cable this to yarr superiors, yarr idiot!!” The CIA is made of well-educated buffoons, and I have evidence for it. I didn’t gain access to sensitive information by deception or security clearance, but because one of their servants was so impressed he could speak into a video camera that he decided to send me the evidence directly. Fuck, I’m like a double-agent! Well technically my alters are well-trained spies, but I don’t have anything on the books: no cables, no transactions from “CIA FRONT COMPANY 4328974982.”

To make things even worse my fellow comrades from the Illuminati: savvier, morally ambivalent survivors, have all decided to team up with the bad guys. I’ve literally found only two ex-Illuminati survivors on the internet that haven’t made a deal. They’ve all been convinced by the devil’s lie, that they are God! In the singular sense, the rest of us orbit around their testicles like a maypole. A pantheon of confused, inebriated, mid-20-year-olds who read Manly P Halls “The Secret Teachings of All Ages“, and studied Telecomix ( and think they’re gaming reality. They naively believe that there is a hidden quantum state, between Boaz and Jachin, filled with celestial gifts that these special, dear children of the Illuminati ascend to as long as they “get in line.” Bollocks! I know a dodgy sales pitch when I hear one (my previous job, don’t judge), the only thing missing is a picture of the wife and kids, and a sad story about how mortgage rates are increasing too fast. I personally don’t believe the hype and like Sinatra want to do it my way. No compromises, no half-truths, no secret sexual favors on the side, no gurus, no hidden crack-addictions, just plain, clear-cut, TRUTH. Well to the best of my ability, my cult alters are well-known liars, however, I speak from the front!

Anyway, I will use this blog to vent, and also provide as much intelligence that a multiple, former Illuminati slave with zero education can. Please endure the long tirades, because I do have a serious motivation for doing this. They’re torturing kids, celebrities and common civilians through bindings of bullshit contracts that they don’t even uphold properly. Hopefully, things will be a bit more light-hearted in the future, after I have time to heal.

Aaron Porter (Real Name, not an alias).