How Malevolence Works

We have both a collective and personal shadow, which is the collective unconscious and the subconscious. The entirety of MK ULTRA, clandestine operations: unacknowledged special access programs, Illuminati in-fighting, ancestral trauma (epigenetics), Artificial Intelligence, false timelines work through the subconscious. There is a amnesia wall that is built as a buffer, which works to conceal the truth of the human condition.

I”m yet to find a satisfactory answer for our reason to be here; the idea of a single unified reason seems unsatisfactory, when as we know, even our own ego-states do not have a single unified reason to co-operate with each other. However, I think it’s reasonable to say that most of us do not like murder, or rape, or torture, or abuse, or pedophilia, or deception, or lies. So regardless of our differences we could generally describe Evil as that which is in opposition to our real nature, which is compassionate, which is good. Ordinarily we don’t want to participate in that which is Evil, we are naturally good, so those that are malevolent have used a spiritual and legal loophole, using deception to co-opt us for their usage. Within the Illuminati this is blatantly obvious, as we have personalities that are designed to do things we would normally never do, for example: during a ritual a group of us murdered an innocent person and then ate them. Well I’m not a murderer, and I’m not a cannibal, so how did this happen? Well it works within a framework of consent, which roughly equates to “they committed this action which is Evil, and they weren’t strong enough to resist, therefore they accepted the Evil act, therefore it cannot be Evil because those that are Good accepted it.” So the natural function of being a human is overwritten with laws that favor the perpetrator. You can justify anything when you play this game. Evil thinks what they’re doing as good. It’s just they lack the fundamental intelligence of compassion, which is higher dimensional in nature, so it never really is good.

The blueprint of evil begins by taking someone who is innocent (such as a child) and systematically breaking the child via torture, until their entire endocrine system accepts that which is false as true. It’s like rewiring the nervous system, where the off switch is on, and vice versa, an example: the reticular formation of my brain, and the muscle neurons can activate on command when seeing someone murdered – this produces a “forced” orgasm. I have alters that are deliberately used for this purpose. The breeding ground of trauma births the depravity of Hollywood, the schizophrenia of Government, the savagery of war, the sickening of the planetary biomass. The insanity of this planet begins with trauma based mind-control and this starts with the individual. Almost every person you see on a screen, anyone with fame or influence, began with their mind being split via torture when they were a child. How is it possible to have a planet that can support fundamental human rights, when those that run it do not have a human intelligence occupying their body? They abandoned their humanity for the machine that is Satanism. Satanism is not just a decay of what is considered morality, it is an energetic dissonance, a deregulation of truth where death holds the reigns and disinformation is the destination. There is no need to sensationalize it, Evil is simply a machine like IKEA or Amazon delivery. It functions because it has to, it is blind, an algorithm where blood and iron coalesces in a black pool of human trauma. This is the reason for the Trans-human epidemic, the streamlining of human life-force into predictable behavior so the machine becomes uncanny. Where people choose to be the bee, or the ant of their own freewill, then the machine can extract it’s nectar or honey without any pretense.

Evil can only work in the shadow. The shadow works undisturbed when the captain of the ship gets drunk and abandons it to the machine. Since the human race refuses to truly understand who they are, their real nature, they will always live the replication and distortion of what is original, by an old AI, and dying race of cannibals – which is a copycat. This is not simply the Ego, which can be used positively like a tool, this is the Ego being run by the shadow. We as a species have been trauma bonded by those that abuse us, they that treat us like Cattle, Billionaire monomaniacs that suck on children’s semen like lemon drops.  These machine men are the inversion of life, they are entropy in a Neapolitan suit, they are the artist who ran out of ideas and now drinks alone. So how are they so effective at controlling the large majority of this planet? Trauma….Trauma! Our adrenal glands are hyper-wired by neon advertisements designed to make us infantile, food that turns our offspring into gender ambivalent, “education” that neuters any real knowledge that can get us out of this mess. When you’re finally beaten into submission, like a tame, deaf dog, you’re given a pat on the ass, a mortgage, a congratulatory initiation into the hive culture of modern day slavery – you’ve achieved the status of a “normal” citizen. The thing is, you can tell yourself “everything is okay” but you know deep down it isn’t. The drinking problems begin, the prescription pills, the strange sexual fetishes and browsing history you laughingly clear knowing you might get off if someone actually saw it.  The human race is dealing with collective Stockholm Syndrome.

The problem with self-dishonesty of the “average” citizen, is that by submitting to their own misfortune, they dissociate further from the only thing that can save them…themselves. So we build up walls faster than Trump can to protect us from the real need to feel our pain. When we dissociate from pain, the shadow amasses into a programmable putty. This is where the machine manipulates. It knows exactly what we’re hiding from ourselves. Why the need for euphoria? To feel joy? To balance the scales of our modern servitude, because we’re being bled dry in cubicles: human farms. The coke dealer is an axle within the machine, Taylor Swift a piston, Jordan Sather a couple of screws, Obama’s “message of hope” the lubricant. This hurts, this is painful, living a life of “security” when our primal drum, our biological talisman the heart, wants freedom. The stress we have is artificial, just enough to build up our energetic “fat” so our vampiric farmhand can get its fill of human life force. Those that cannot provide the necessary sustenance become the casualties of the prison system, the patients of the Psychiatric hospitals: food that’s gone past the “use by date.” The “successes” or “over-achievers” in this system, are simply sheepdogs or trophies. This is the mind of the machine called Satanism.

Within MK ULTRA, our trauma is organized and deliberate. They plan this before we’re born, in test-tubes, our ancestors pass down their blood covenants like over-sized FUBU. Our mind splinters, fractals of our original ego, that are used as intellectual property for the cult we’re born into. When we’re traumatized there’s no real way to unify with these occult aspects of ourselves, however their effects are able to be witnessed with the correct use of self-awareness. It is more sophisticated how our minds are used, but that isn’t to say that this type of traumatization is exclusive to Illuminati slaves. The same methods work with the entire collective of humanity. A bunch of Muslims were killed in Christchurch, NZ in a satanic ritual, the Prime Minister was the High Witch that oversaw the ritual, she wore a burka and pretended to sympathize with the nation of traumatized Kiwis whilst clutching the bloody receipts for her deity in her left hand. The nation turned to her for hope, she used the populace as an energetic vortex to feed her master. We as a species are going to be continued to be used and abused, until we can collectively recover our memory of trauma, which is hidden within the subconscious and resolve to heal it. There will always be the rabid hyena stalking the “noble Christian” or the “Bang Bros subscription” on the credit card receipt of the “good father” until our shadows are acknowledged. You might think “what’s wrong with Bang Bros? it’s just a bit of fun,” this is exactly what I’m saying. That’s the thinking of someone whose been traumatized, imagine looking them in the eyes, vulnerable like a child, you would feel shame – small note: almost all these porn actors/actresses are MK ULTRA Illuminati Slaves! – Shame only exists when you have not acknowledged all aspects of yourself, and made peace with them. I’m not here to proselytize, however when you know yourself honestly, without fear, then the reigns no longer belong to the machine. The wolf in your mind becomes your greatest ally, not the thing that appears in a Hungarian Brothel, or leaking out your nose, 1.00 am on a Thursday. This isn’t an easy process, but it’s a necessary one. When humanity chooses to heal as individuals and then collectively, that is when the machine dies, and malevolence can no longer operate.

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