Poverty Program (Artificial Lifestyles)

For whatever reason, on some higher level, I made the idiotic choice of incarnating into a Satanic Bloodline; It could be for many reasons: maybe I had some karma to clear, or to contribute my gifts for the planet during a consciousness ascension cycle, or perhaps there was a mission that needed my skill set to complete the objective. I must preface that when we are trafficked as a Illuminati slave we have a life that is deliberately engineered to be difficult, which has a multi-pronged effect. There is certainly an unnatural amount of suffering that warps our lives from a sedative trance into a chaotic storm of emotional distress and psychological maelstrom. Our daily lives (Our front alters – Dissociative Identity Disorder) are often designed intentionally to have parents who are narcissistic, icy, unfeeling and manipulative.  By using this careful misdirection through the prior method our attention to our roles at night-time become our saving grace, where we are given “praise” and “love” via trauma-bonding with corrupt programmers/handlers. A key factor in controlling us and to reify the false belief that “day time” is a “drag” is by inserting a “poverty program” which is to say that our family is destitute and money will always be an issue, which is then used as a decoy to support the narcissistic abuse from our “poor,” “hard done by” parents. The “poverty program” is used again to great effect to hide the cult life, where we often have large amounts of disposable income made from assignments, or cult jobs such as prostitution. The net effect of the “poverty program,” particularly on a subconscious level produces a feeling of hopelessness, or learned victim-hood – this creates a “Satanic” inversion against our souls as radiant, fearless, powerful creators. The motivation from the Illuminati is to limit our mobility, freedom, to remove hope of a better life and to keep us in vulnerable state for programming purposes. To supplement our “daily” trauma of course is the standard damage of being a programmed multiple created through Satanic ritual abuse: the splitting of the mind, the torture, hypnosis, drugs, virtual reality simulations, staged setups, etc. Lastly we appropriate the collective suffering of humanity (everyone does): which works like a network HDD, storing the summation of humanities collective suffering living on a planet that is being gamed by Luciferian psychopaths. These mobsters have enslaved us for thousands of years: this is the genetic enslavement, fake wars, consciousness enslavement, technological and biological warfare, engineered diseases and catastrophes, and the various death programs that have been inserted into the entire collective.

So what happens after a series of systematic, engineered abuse done in a calculated manner? well we dissociate it via Polyfragmented Dissociative Identity Disorder. The distinction between what the masses suffer as unconscious trauma, and what we suffer as an Illuminati slave, is that our trauma is generated scientifically: through methods that are consistent, and that produce expected outcomes – this is for the purpose of utilizing sub-personalities. So we have different personalities and each one is connected to timelines that are obscured via amnesia. These are like co-linear points on a single timeline, with electroshock torture as a buffer between each segment to hide their interaction with each other. An Illuminati slaves “day” life will work like a microcosm of our “night” life: themes will surface, unconscious habits will appear, repeated events, people will cross-transfer between the night and the day etc. This is similar to the iceberg concept: where the tip of the iceberg is our programmed “day” life as a “host“, and our amnesiac multiple life would be the rest of the object, far larger in scale; to put it simply it’s the difference between “the self and the shadow.” Frozen personalities are anchored to unconscious trauma vis-à-vis punishing experiences have an affect of emotional and psychological miasma. This is the propagation of repeated patterns that can not be resolved until the original personality state has been acknowledged, the events that created it are observed and the release of the state in time has been implemented. Illuminati use virtual reality setups to program slaves, this is through the use of highly advanced black budget technology. Virtual reality setups are used in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence, to streamline programming, and remove human error. They have standardized “setups” that are effective in reinforcing programmed sub-personalities: they are made with an operator playing out a script in a scene – then this experience is downloaded into a MK Ultra slave, it’s akin to a manipulated dream, that plays clearly, but has obviously been tampered with. I will explain how this works in another post. I don’t have a contract with the CIA, so my explanation of the methods will probably have some misinformation: the reason is I’m trying to explain to the best of my ability, without any debriefing of how it actually works. I also don’t trust half the explanations on the internet about how simulations work, as most of the content is being pushed by obvious controlled opposition.

2 thoughts on “Poverty Program (Artificial Lifestyles)

  1. You say many interesting things. And in nice clear language explaining these horrific topics and concepts and other reality that exists, very well so the average reader can stumble along and get a handle on this kind of thing. Clarity, plain speaking, simplicity, is very important and you do it well communicating such mindblowing complex complex disturbing reality topics.

    I contrast this, with the likes of Aug Tellez, who have breadcrumbs and many interesting tantalising things such as talking about electrogravitics crafts and the ‘ssp’. Etc etc. So I got drawn in and enthusiastic as a layman, but his word salad convoluted unintelligible writings. I thought I was at fault for not trying harder to understand. But you show things can be spelled out in plain English ABC .

    Thank you for all you’re doing with your writings. Pure clear energy and truth emanates. I think, you’re very brave using your own name. But I have no doubt, you have Divine Protection too which night not be some ancient biblical obscure thing. But more of an immediate, Adjustment Bureau type of protection.

    I like fully support your Aug Tellez post.
    But there may be some snippets on his site, are real truth nuggets. So I try not to throw the baby out with the bath water, but realise overwhelmingly his site is to be avoided and instead, research elsewhere.


    1. Thanks, Adam. I’ve done my best to get people to understand what he is, and the operation he’s running. People don’t realize the karma they’re accumulating by supporting him. Not only are they harming their own minds, but they’re also harming the collective timeline for all of us.

      Yes, that’s a silly trick the cult does, by using their so-called ‘genius’ teachers to champion the truth with the implication that no one else is intelligent enough to figure it out themselves. His persona is ‘I’m smarter than you, you’re dumber than me, therefore you follow me indiscriminately.’

      There is some truth on his site, but it’s a bait and snare. Of course, they have to encourage people with some legitimate information: intelligence agencies call this “chicken feed.’ The damage done to your mind isn’t worth it.

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