Controlled Opposition (Avoid Aug Tellez)

I was going to wait a while before doing this post, but it’s an extremely important subject. Most people who are within the public are now aware that the Illuminati has planned for a global takeover for centuries now, the beginning of which was to stage a fake alien invasion where they get to play the good guys, when destitute and a “shocked” public will turn to them our of fear of the unknown (like a farmer herding Cows). This “grand” event will be the unifying feature that brings humanity under a “One World Government.” I can’t say for certain this will happen, because they use artificial intelligence to predict outcomes for the future depending on information being fed into it, so they can alter their plans depending on public awareness of their end game.

It’s important to think of Satanic Mind Control as total control, not some control, not the majority of control, total control. The point is the masses have been put under a spell by a select groups of black magicians that know the ins and outs of power: occultism, psychology, spirit, soul, sexuality, cloning, genetics, archetypes, hypersigils, financial systems, hypnotism, cybernetic systems, magic etc. This leaves the average person unequipped to see through the bullshit. Of course, there are people who have a certain amount of discernment and can see through at least parts of their illusion. This is where the gatekeepers turn up, and do their dirty work for the people who asks questions. There are two main areas that people are shipped into: The New Age (high-jacked movement) and Truther community (conspiracy theorists). Remember when I said “total control?” they want to steal everyone’s genetics, every bloodline, all your ancestors, all your children. This is how they think, they’re like a black-hole. Truth is, they’re dying, the more human awareness increases the harder it is for them to feed.

Illuminati is keeping the charade going, and there is a big problem with how controlled opposition is keeping their AI timelines open (which are unnatural). They are doing high level manipulation that the average person is unequipped to understand. I mentioned they use AI – I will explain it as simply as I can: the AI takes all information into it and co-opts the information that is threatening to it’s existence and therefore the Illuminati’s existence, they then subvert the information by delivering it to their agents, who feed it back to the people. They get to play the guru role essentially, whilst duping the gifted people who are intelligent enough to see through their standard mind control. When you support one of their agents, you are supporting the enslavement of human consciousness whether you realize it or not. This isn’t anyone’s fault, because the manipulation is way too sophisticated, however I hope after reading this you may have some tools to assist you. This is how it works: they have their agents littered all over YouTube, the AI algorithm will give them influence regardless of their skill or talent (generally they’re quite talented), eventually a sub-set of the “awake” community will latch onto one of their agents, because the information (bait) will resonate with them – it’s exactly like fishing. The information will always have misinformation, distortion of truth, lies, withholding of truth. People are generally enamored by certain characteristics of their agents: sometimes this is reasonable, sometimes this verges into the realm of cultism.

I mention Aug Tellez as one of the worst in that regards. He’s not the most popular, but his role is one of the most dangerous, his philosophy and perspective surmises the Illuminati, Gnostic, Luciferianism to the core. It’s like if you could put the entire Illuminati into one person, like the head of a snake- that would be the guy. People latch onto him, because he’s made of the people who latch onto him. That is they take the experience, information, stories, personalities of people who were trained in the Illuminati, and have him feed it back to them. So Illuminati slaves think he’s their hero because he’s delivering their stories back to them, it’s a magic trick. Truth is he’s a programmer, and a terrible one at that. What’s a programmer? A programmer is someone who has no problem torturing, manipulating, controlling, abusing, stealing another persons life for their personal gain. That’s his job! We in the Illuminati know who he is, it’s time for the public to know who he is and stop supporting him.

This is how you learn discernment:

Why doesn’t he use his real name? Why does he look like Jesus? Is their a reason for that.

Does he have any ties to intelligence agencies? Specifically the NSA? Is it a wise idea to trust intelligence agencies? Are intelligence agencies really a front for the cult?

Why does he manipulate language on his blog? Is he using neuro-linguistic programming? Can words be used as a weapon?

Is he willing to be confronted if challenged via the aforementioned questions? Or does he run away from being challenged?

Is there information on the internet that shows contradictory behavior, from the persona he presents to the public? Is he wise and enlightened in his personal life, or does he have skeletons in his closet?

These are reasonable questions, now please ask him, or ask your own questions and watch him run away (he’s a coward). When you realize he wont answer reasonable questions: especially if he’s playing the role of “prophet” or helping humanity “heal,” then you will truly understand who he is. Many people have already figured this out, but it’s important that his influence is reduced significantly, and their timeline (negative) is quashed. When you’ve figured out how to spot agents like Aug Tellez, then you can move onto the rest, which are far easier. They’re everywhere, so good luck, and don’t worry if you feel like you’ve been fooled, the majority has, including me. I will post an article by my friend Rachel Caruso, who is another Illuminati MK Ultra survivor, and her expose on Aug Tellez (It’s a Facebook post but open to the public).

Then try typing “Aug Tellez is a liar” into YouTube, and then the picture will become clearer.



19 thoughts on “Controlled Opposition (Avoid Aug Tellez)

  1. Hey, you alright? I haven’t responded to messages simply because of stress and work load. It is a good thing that the truth of the system is coming out, but I didn’t think you would take our interactions as such a ‘diss’ and come out with this.

    I have no connection with any of what you are mentioning and I haven’t read the whole thing because, honestly, it’s traumatic information expressed in a very disrespectful way.

    If there is anything I can do to help right things or align your perspective of the situation, please reach out. Please also remember, I did not select myself, I am doing my best, and there are hundreds of messages, about 15 or so, exactly like this one. Yes, I have a bit of a stalker following.

    Please let me know if you feel you are in harms way or any kind of imminent danger. IF you are succeeding in accepting guidance from Higher Power, the truth, self awareness, compassion, knowledge, and free will for the mental liberation of Humanity, I’m sure you will be taken care of.

    Please do not cause strife or start arguments on the internet just for the sake of getting attention or hurting people who you think wronged you. Everything that is happening now is for the mental liberation of humanity and I have no involvement with anything except sharing the truth about what has gone on and I have no fear, no history of violence, and I was not formally assigned those roles nor was any of the training in regard specifically to, or pertaining to, the information in a few paragraphs I have written.

    However, this does look like an outsiders view of the information, as the words are incorrectly translated and the associations are jumbled. I have no intentions of bringing harm to anyone, I am just clarifying the obvious.

    I’ve also never interacted with you, or anyone else connected to this, I have documented everything, and I have always kept everything inline with the current events involving the authorities and shifting out of darkness.

    So I’m pretty much just blindsighted, but that’s cool, always a learning experience. Thanks again.


    1. I’m fine, considering I’m getting tortured by cult groups because I’ve exposed what you do. This isn’t the only reason I’m getting tortured, but is a significant one.

      Dude you’re a programmer. Many people already know what you do. – Ignore Aug Tellez – this guy is a CIA programmer, but his information is relevant. – The Aug Tellez problem

      I have a Facebook post I wont link, with respect to the people involved, that exposes your fraudulent interactions. Of course Rachel did a nice expose on you as well. These aren’t hysterics, we’re not starting arguments for attention or to be petty. We are intelligent people who are not under “AI Mind Control” or a threat to “the mental liberation of humanity” – your cute little cues to make the bad guys good, and the good guys bad. We are exposing you.

      The cult inserted a version of you into my mind to program me and control me. This is called an introjection,

      I’ve spent two years, breaking down your programming – it’s made my life a nightmare, the internal version of you was assigned to kill me. Stop lying, the only reason you’re on this website is because this page is gaining influence. You say I’m disrespectful? So it’s respectful to torture someone, fragment their mind and control their behavioral patterns AKA – your job. No disrespect, but fuck you! They’ve set you up at the “god” or “higher power” of my MPD system. If anyone wants to read how it works, here’s the link.

      I’ll break down the programming you’re doing right here. “IF you are succeeding in accepting guidance from Higher Power.” I know “Higher Power” translates as programmer – which technically is you, but probably refers to cult programming in general. I understand how your scripts work, so I’m calling you out for being dangerous. This isn’t because you’ve “wronged me” although I definitely would like to fuck you up for that, this is because of the threat you are to MK ULTRA slaves breaking programming. I will cause strife, because that is simply a part of breaking programming as you already know. I understand you are doing it under pressure by superiors, that is why I don’t hate you.

      “Outsiders view” – I’m Illuminati. I’m not a publicly known whistle-blower, but this is because of heavy psychotronic weaponry, and AI being used to subvert me – by your friends at NSA. CIA knows me, NSA knows me, you know me. This is hilarious.

      If you accept cloning as true, then you have interacted with me and are lying. I’m not the only one calling you out for being a liar Aug. This all reads as deliberate gas-lighting to appease your fans that might read this post. TELL THE TRUTH! or say nothing at all, that is in alignment with LIGHT.


      1. “I’m fine, considering I’m getting tortured by cult groups because I’ve exposed what you do. This isn’t the only reason I’m getting tortured, but is a significant one. ”

        I’m not sure if you exposed me. I came out to share the truth about ritual abuse and the unacknocknowledged special access programs in 2016. I went through what is called “The Awakening” whereby I was informed I was used in the secret space program in certain programs.

        I concluded with the information that things were going to change that it was decided this reality could no longer continue in the way that it was regarding parasitic systems, genetic engineering, droning, consciousness transfer and so on.

        Thanks for any assistance in that, but that’s as far as this goes for me.

        For you, being targeted, please do not put yourself in danger. I have no interest in stopping the truth from getting out. I was used in many ways, many people were. We are given our memories back through the “Awakening”, it is a way to regain the torn memories so that the consciousness does not fracture to the point of not being able to be whole again. I saw many things, many things that were done, many things that I did. There was a spiritual war, and there are non human entities. I do not support the child abuse, I do not support the pillaging and raping of humanity, I do not support the trauma based mind control of the public for power and pleasure that secret groups have been engaging in.

        I don’t support any of that, if you are here to talk about that and your experience then do so! I do not have experience with you, to the best of my knowledge and for the most part anyone here. I have been abused in the past and was recently in a situation that I define, by my standards and objective standards, to be ritual abuse. Now, am I at fault? Well, let’s just say I’m not free of fault. I get into situations to try and help people and you know how it goes, some people do not actually want to help.

        If you are open to clear communication, then I am. If you are simply playing games with the mind and attempting to wrap me up in more ego BS, then I will not interact and choose to not invest my time and energy in that kind of situation.

        Please come forth with anything you know that can be shared safely, that will assist in the mental liberation of humanity.

        One of the ‘evidence’ videos you showed, I have screen recording of the conversation, whereby, I promoted a video of someone that that individual did not like who demanded I take away my public support and when I didn’t, then said they would ‘publicly destroy me’. C’mon now, someone is mad for other reasons and they are projecting on to me. I have nothing to do with that, as well, I am not intending to do that.

        I simply shared my experiences regarding ritual abuse. That’s it. People have contacted me, and they have given me death threats, they have contacted my friends, they have stalked me and any new videos or posts, just so that I can’t speak out, find peace and stop being harassed and subjected to the same kind of ritual abuse and cult stalking that you say you are.

        Truth is, for my involvement in all of this, there seems to be some kind of system that wants to control my mind for me, and reorganize everything into some other frame of reference. We both know what that is, do not give it energy, do not allow it to control you. I am not free from anything, but I know when things are being manipulated and we are both being manipulated.

        Refuse to give any mind altering systems, representing anything you THINK, that I feel towards you and try to FEEL and connect with what I’m saying. If you’re just going to make fun of me and make jokes about the situation, then I can’t help this situation, the truth is all I can say.

        Now, if you could help me out and explain this then please do so.

        What posts and where am I helping the bad guys look like the good guys. Please point them out and be specific so I can understand.

        That is the only information I support. Those with power have been kidnapping and using children for ritual abuse and consciousness transfer.

        The higher power is Love man. It’s if you stop wanting to hurt me and just talk.

        You also seem to have books worth of information in your mind. Pace yourself, do not burn yourself out. The only way to see what you’re made of is to see what you can do. Can you help this situation? There are so many trauma victims and so many renditions running, most can only stoke the fires. Can you help decrease the heat so we’re not all burned from the interaction?

        I’m saying for everyone around, and myself, because this is very traumatic, and strange because I was held captive for a long time and not allowed to speak, harassed or literally turned on by authorities, doctors, whatever, who eventually tell me that it’s just my place when I say there is a group of rich people kidnapping me and using me. So now to come out here, and have you then say that I’m defending them, when I lived my life in terror because of that, well it’s strange, and not to piss you off (Technical term: Gaslight), but it is literally reminiscent of ritual abuse and public theater.

        So maybe we’re both being used.

        When I responded to people with swear words and anger and “Flip off, you don’t care about the children, “THEY’RE FING EATING KIDS!!!!” it just made things worse because those people are the people who harassed me for years, I have never truly met or interacted with other than through some random comments, and then, years later, they are posting screenshots saying they knew me, or I interacted with them and so on. It’s funny if it wasn’t so horrific. I never interacted with those people more than 2 to 30 minutes, once or twice, randomly, throughout the first years I was sharing the truth, where I really didn’t know how to handle the negative feedback. Who would want to stop the truth being exposed about pedovores, ritual abuse, consciousness transfer and cloning?

        Regardless, I made the choice to interact in those ways and play that mind game, and now I’m called a mind controller. Rightfully so, I mind effed myself in the process of playing ping pong of insults back and forth with various random people on the internet who have offered NOTHING and do not assist me even though I at first wanted to assist them, which is why I would respond. And by assist, I mean literally making videos, saying, “Uhhh, some weird guy is talking about ritual abuse, child sacrifice and cloning on the internet…uhhh., wtf maybe someone should see this?” Instead, they harassed me and when I finally got mad, that’s when they go on the offense that I am a bad person.

        If that’s all it takes to make you believe, then so be it, I am not a bad person. I was ritually abuse, I was groomed and people are attempting to use those same tactics against me, to try and rip my mind apart and the same thing is happening to you.

        NOT because you are talking about this, I mean if you think I want you to be in harm or have any kind of control over you, that is the corruption turning the people who could be more powerful into worrying about some other things.

        Again, if there are posts that are iffy, bring them up. I made a lot of posts as things ramped up, because, I felt helpless. I felt there was no one there and I was putting out a call for assistance for those who had seen what I had seen and were not complacent with the horrors.

        These horrors are real, and monstrous. If you know anything, you know that, bickering won’t help. We can only be up front with each other. I have no problem with you and have not consciously interacted with you, until this and the previous post. I remember some slight comments you had regarding where you were going to publicly destroy me online. I can’t remember if you asked for help first or what happened.

        Right around then, everything was too chaotic, I got a lot of messages and haven’t been able to answer any of them between then and now because of the stress this has caused me. If harassing someone because of a personal discrepancy is not your goal, please assist us both in this because that’s what I feel. Again I have no knowledge of our interactions other than a kind of borderline threatening comment you left me years ago and this post here and a group of people who have been cyberstalking and cyberbullying regarding the disclosure of the knowledge of ritual abuse.

        Please contact me privately, I believe this makes more sense to me after you revealed that. I’m not interested in discussing privately.

        Thank you.


    2. Can you answer my questions.

      What is your real name?

      Do you have ties to intelligence agencies – ?

      Who gives you security clearance to release your information?

      Where are you getting this information from?

      Why do you look like Jesus? Is that intentional?

      Are you a programmer?

      Have you exploited your “leadership position” for vices at all, without being transparent about this? Read Rachel’s expose please, and there’s additional information as well, that can be found.

      Do you use neuro-linguistic virus’ on your blog, and/or programming cues with the intention of controlling people? It doesn’t matter if you’re ordered to or not.


      1. That is my name…

        I have no ties.

        No one gives me clearance, we are checked for mental illness and if we are seen fit, some were literally sent to share the truth. No one tells me what to post, I just cannot post things that will bring harm to others. If the information is truthful, yet people react negatively, all I can do is try to help but not lie or waste energy because then I would not have any level of impact whatsoever. Also, screaming, “THATS TOO DARK”, when they’re going to war with our species, is a logical fallacy and also an easy manipulation tactic to trip people up and have them ‘be nice’ to those who are literally only attempting to control the narrative.

        The information is from the secret space program.

        Just watch my videos, it happens, people call out the window various modifications of the name ‘jesus (insert whatever catch phrase). It was funny when I was 16, now it’s kind of disrespectful in my mind.

        I am not a programmer or deprogrammer, simply because, I have never sat down and said, “Look, here we go, it’s time A) B) C)”. Now, the issue with that is, since we are all involved in the program we have to actively deprogram, otherwise we will be leaking programmed cues all over the place. My first videos are edited to shart because every time I mention certain information I would twitch or wink or my throat would close up and so on. These are all subconscious manipulations and I had to practice for hours per day to not look and sound like I’m mentally retarded while trying to speak about ritual abuse. That is a part of this, this stuff mentally retards us and holds us back from reaching our true potential, which is simply to be in peace and as well to know the things we know.

        It’s like a Faustian bargain, would you want to know the truth, and literally lose your mind because of what you know or would you rather be in peace but be at the mercy of a cybernetic control system? You obviously chose to know, so do not let your mind become to heavy with the burden that your heart will eventually carry. I am at peace, when I can uplift the hearts, the minds and the spirits of others.

        Recently, some people distracted me very much (2 years, actually, haven’t been the same since that started) and I could not reach out to people, I could not try what I had wanted to for so long.

        Take that in for a second. I have not started to reach out to people and begin that process. Anyone attempting to say they know me, they harassed me for 2 years straight, I finally said, “LEAVE ME THE F ALONE WHAT IS IT WITH YOU (INSERT STRANGE INSULTS) PEOPLE!!!?)” and then they used that as proof I’m for whatever. That isn’t going to cut it for me, so I’ll continue on, and honestly, this gives me motivation to continue on. All the BS that I have been going through in the last 2 years is wrapped up in these comments.

        I have not exploited, ever. Trust me, I would be so annoyed at all of this, I assume I would be laughing somewhere, maybe a cool place with a view, because you’d be right, and I’d have one. We’re both losing.

        However, I do not hold you at fault in the sense that as long as we can talk and be normal. You have potential, you have motivation and you have the courage to put yourself in front of the people. Just remember it’s not a game and they put a lot of pressure on you so don’t burn yourself out.

        A word of advice, try to keep it less personal, it’s going to entangle the information in personal dispute and a wider audience will be unable to see past that. My simply perspective on how information flows and what people generally do in these situations. And I say that, not knowing if I am the only person you specifically mentioned with this, or if that’s just something you’re doing for multiple people.

        I have not been ordered by and I do not work for forces of ‘darkness’ (rape, stalking, crimes against humanity). My early posts were good. There were recent events where I was thrown into a nightmare hell, for two years, and I let that get into my posts. Those posts that have a hint of over emotionality, panic, or disrespect, those negatively influence the people and I need to remove them. It is a bit difficult to read through them however, because of that very previous sentence.

        If I was ordered to wrong, I would not submit and do not submit to that. We are all tested, you can go either way. I did not choose to help the abusers and receive special treatment, money, power, or anything.

        Everything I have, I worked for, and everything I’ve said, I wanted the people to know for their own safety.

        I think there is always disinformation, no one knows the whole truth. Your whole blog could be an entirely emotionally biased disinformation campaign, however, I would have to read through it to give my comment and I haven’t because, like I said, this information is rough. Again, I think you have a lot of potential, do not overthink that into some kind of insults. You are doing something big now, but the people need truth tellers and healers that can calm the fires down.

        And so I choose to not interact or program anyone. Consciously.

        Subconsciously, anytime you’re using emotional bias to manipulate the narrative, you are programming, and I did it recently when I was posting out of emotion. That darkness, that panic creeps into the population and is used as a manipulation point for the people. That’s it, I work everyday to remove that influence, that manipulation, that emotional bias from anything I do, every thing I participate in, from walking to the store to going to bed and holding grudges.

        Please see the point.

        Please contact privately, I do remember more now, you messaged me regarding the specifics of the situation you outlined here. If I spoke to you then, this never would have been exposed and so this is a good thing in my mind. Thank you.


  2. I’d just like to point out that Aug exposes himself by starting off with a program trigger code: “Are you OK.” Any version of asking the victim if they are alright is the code. I’ve talked about this before with other survivors and mention it in the video I just filmed yesterday about signs and symptoms of MK Ultra programming (video not published yet). Personally, it’s one of the most common codes my gangstalkers use on me. It’s especially identifiable here because it is out of context, trying to change the reality of Aaron having written this article to expose Aug to Aaron having written it because he is unwell.


    1. Cheers Rachel, these are the little things to pick up on. They’re doing damage control with Aug running around on the multiple exposes on the internet, putting his little spin on things in the comments. This is why he didn’t answer any of my questions, either he’s exposed as a liar or he has to tell the truth (even worse).


      1. Yea I’m curious how he found this blog? As in, what is the narrative he’s going with to give an explanation? (obviously in reality the Illuminati directed him here) He just does a random drive by visit. He doesn’t indicate how he got here, which is especially odd since he is acting like he doesn’t know you: “I’ve never interacted with you before.” Which brings us to the gaslighting of the readers, right in the post! He starts off talking about your interactions, in order to apply the narrative that you are taking some small relationship matter public just out of spite. But then he ends the comment by saying he’s never interacted with you! One instance of clear gaslighting within a comment is enough indication that someone is a narcissist. When you have narcs interacting with MK victims, they are always Illuminati.

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  3. Right, he’s been caught with his pants down. Their little scripts are so easy to expose, simply because of contradictions such as the one you pointed out. How can we have interactions with each other, and he doesn’t know me at the same time?

    Agreed, my little blog is a tiny little thing on the internet. Why is he here? It makes no sense.


  4. Also, I can’t really down play this. Please listen to and read Jerusha.

    This is my first interview. I was in the secret space program and there was a ‘dark faction’ that was rogue and using cloning, advanced technology, time control and consciousness transfer to manipulate Humanity and perform genetic experiments.

    Hybrid entities have been created, droned humans exist and cloning has created a breakaway civilization.

    There is a lot of manipulation, but none of that has to stop us from realizing these things have happened, advanced technology has been used to hold people back and there are ‘overlords’ that manage people’s minds and literally download themselves through consciousness transfer and trauma based mind control. This is the elite’s way of programming and reproducing.

    That is the message, thank you. Please assist in the mental liberation of humanity by disabling these mind control systems. I said in the first videos, that this system was being disabled and all we have to do is stop feeding it negative emotional feedback to shut them down forever!


  5. Your write too much bullshit. Let’s just call this the complex gaslighting script that the Illuminati are using as damage control. As Rachel aptly put, why are you here on my no-name blog trying to defend yourself? Because you were sent here, that’s why. I started to do a long response to your post but I refreshed the page and it deleted the comment, so this time short and sweet.

    Are you NSA, yes or no? Here’s your chance to be good, me and #ETsRunTIprogram (Twitter Handle) have been tortured by the NSA, him for a family dispute with an officer within that agency, and me for being non-compliant to the “Project 89” cult agenda, which you among many others are part of. If you publically expose this agenda, as well as take your responsibility for partaking in it and ask the inspector generals to cease and desist the electronic torture program, then you can be considered forgivable. You can’t be for the “mental liberation for hummanity” and work for the organization that does the exact opposite – aka mind control.

    You’ve written a long-winded programming script that’s used to inspire sympathy, by playing the victim card. Evil people are tortured and harassed too: that’s the whole game, big eat the small, that doesn’t make you Good.

    This is clear communication, not “EGO bs” as you put condescendingly: I don’t support being tortured or harassed for being non-compliant for partaking in an agenda that’s clearly evil. Whether you admit to being a programmer or not isn’t my concern, lie all you want, I know it’s true. Whether you’re conscious of a crime in the past or not, doesn’t help your innocence when you commit the crimes you’re being accused of. Your blog is full of scripts, and neuro-linguistic virus’. I don’t think you’re trying to convince me, because I hope you understand I’m not that stupid. To his followers, he’s blatantly lying here. Go read “Fritz book – The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave” this will give you a good foundation for understanding programming, his blog if full of it, thank me later.

    That trick where you say “the Luciferians are bad cannibals,” “they eat children” etc Follow me!
    Umm yeah, Nah. I know them personally, I ate people with them (of course unwillingly – MPD sucks as you know), they’re holding people I care about hostage, myself also. I hate them too, of course. That doesn’t mean you get to be a good guy, by pointing the finger at them – especially when you work for them.

    I never left you a threatening comment years ago. I sent a Facebook message expressing sympathy when I was still under programming and following your weirdo ass. Which I still have. Please stop lying.

    “Please contact me privately, I believe this makes more sense to me after you revealed that. I’m not interested in discussing privately.” WTF does that mean? Hey, let’s discuss privately, but I’m not interested in discussing privately. Some kind of Satanic reversal.

    I don’t care about your personal disputes with people on the internet. I’ve met enough good, trustworthy people, who have told me essentially the same thing “you’re malevolent as fuck.” Your public persona, or the fake presentation works, it’s slick – well done. Your private persona, and there’s a lot of dirt on you, my man, that’s a whole another story. This coupled with the introjection placed into my mind, which as you know cannot be done by happenstance: the mind needs an actual person – usually with many hours of experience to simulate them accurately. Which would be you. Aug Tellez the programmer, and Aug Tellez the liar. If we accept cloning as true, we can accept that we’ve met. You’ve claimed to met famous celebrities, what’s so difficult of putting us two together?

    “emotionally biased disinformation campaign” – I don’t like you of course. However, I would say I’m being as accurate as I can be in exposing what I would call an extremely dangerous programmer, whose working for a malevolent agency, and who put my life at risk and is most likely putting others’ lives at risk. It’s actually not as personal as you would think. You’re part of an operation, the faster that ends, the faster we’re all freed. You’re a willing accomplice in a clandestine operation that is ruining people’s lives. People are afraid of exposing you, for the repercussions, I decided to lead the way. There will be more, now please don’t take that personally, we have people’s minds and livelihoods to protect. This is walking with Christ, I know you turned away from that years ago – maybe you will change your mind.

    Oh, and I know why you waited for Friday the 13th to respond. That was intentional.


  6. Wow. I can’t believe the clone drone bot whatever Aug boy keeps it up like bozo the clown. Real humans draw real lines at clap trap nonsense. He’s so sent. I was shocked he came out about the same time as me!?!!?! Like it was for me! Just the info I was looking for. That alone was suspect. Then I had a lucid and he was sitting in a parked car outside my window casing me! That was enuf. Down low spy. My spirit is golden and fierce. Then he seemed to forget I gave him a hard time a few years ago, got all giddy on my Twitter feed recently for a few weeks sharing retweeting…Then blocked me when I asked him if he was a clone. I always have a problem with those who hide their identity. Btw, very impressive blog.


    1. Interesting perspective. At this rate, he would have blocked half of Twitter for calling him out for his shenanigans. There are people who are bringing their interactions with him to the public, so his followers can finally wake out of their trance. They have a rather slick production and a rather large demiurgic artificial intelligence supporting him. The truth will be known eventually.


    2. Look…you people are way ahead of me/probably my bad. That said ‘a lucid’…South Bend, Ind. 2 years ago/motel breakfast bar/Aug sits down/black hoodie w/numbers/I wanted to ask him the meaning of numbers/chickened out. Eye contact made several times /emotionless response so did not approach.
      Few hours later across street big box parking lot finishing cig in car/ guy dressed in black walks by. ‘Oh Gosh…’ wife says. I look up and he’s walking by the car again/same direction/this time smoking a cig/really enjoying like it’s 1st one. We wait till he comes back out of store and passes in front of our car. I get out, and look at him he turns and smiles, I’m bewildered, then look back again to look at him again/he’s not there. I’m new at this/first time I believe. Any assistance in understanding appreciated.
      Was following Aug on twitter for just a little while before this took place.
      Several if not many other things but the targeting has kept me from doing much except hiding out.
      I have not been able to talk with anyone about my experiences, couldn’t find people. Five years now.


  7. Yes, I thought that Aug Tellez person was a bunch of BS. I saw the triggers sprinkled around his videos, wall prints, off angle camera shots, either poor lighting or very bright, half opened doors or windows (Hitchcock liked to do that in his films, it creates mental unease).

    He was leading everyone into a new narrative, that this world isn’t real. However I don’t believe he is intelligent enough to be a programmer. He is just a scammer, maybe a beta with handler personas. He could just as well be some low level intelligence worker playing a role.


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