Hypersexualization within Satanic cults (Diamond BETAS)


I was inspired by Lisa Renee’s (I don’t agree with all her content) recent blog post “Moloch Programming” to talk about the problem of hypersexulization within Satanic cults. One of the main issues of being born into Illuminati, is that sex becomes normalized at a very young age. Not long after childbirth they use utensils that open up the orifices of a baby to allow insertion of a penis. They also use micro-chemical injections, and small electric convulsive shocks to simulate areas in the brain to feel pleasure, the babies are rewarded with a dopamine boost for accommodating the sexual act of an adult. Younger children are turned into black widows for espionage and assassination to compromise “elites” who are well known for their predilection for children. Children are taught that sexual behavior, is a form of play, not to be taken seriously: it’s code named “fun” by the programmers. This is terrible to observe in real life, my entire family is Illuminati, when I watch how my niece and nephew use sexual innuendo at the grand old age of five it’s absolutely heartbreaking.


Within my time during in “The Order” I achieved the role of a “DIAMOND BETA” which is a “presidential model” sex slave. They use a “Jewel” ranking system, where Amethyst (Deceit, Manipulation) is the initiatory Jewel, then Ruby (sex, prostitution), Emerald (witchcraft) and finally Diamond (high level sexual training). This is going to sound fictional, but within the Illuminati I must impress, that rank and abilities determine the position within the cult, not necessarily social status. The concept of celebrity isn’t as well regarded within the Illuminati as it is in the public; especially considering the well known fact, that many celebrities use prostituting themselves to gain their fame, and fortune.

My initiation into becoming a “Diamond” was being pack raped by Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Cameron Diaz, Vince Vaughn, John Reilly to name a few. It was a ceremonial ritual, where many young-adults were receiving their graduation into the “higher” levels of the Illuminati. The process of becoming a “Diamond” generally means we’ve passed the most severe training, and achieved the highest degree of cult indoctrination: the code name for this is called “being worthy.” I had to go first, during the rape I fought the entire time; I was biting, kicking, spitting, cursing at them – this just made them more wild. I remember John Reilly getting his belt to beat me when I started resisting, I still remember his expression on his face: uncontrollable, pink-faced, fury, not what one would expect from a well praised comedian. The rest of the young-adults wisely figured out not to resist, to submit and accept their initiation. I was the only person who fought, I’m still the same to this day, always fighting, never allowing anyone to impose their will onto me: the Illuminati said they “admired” this quality I have – whether they’re lying or not I don’t know. When receiving a new jewel, this is sealed with another Illuminati member also graduating via a blood covenant, this is very similar to “Twinning.” When a blood covenant is made there are unique metaphysical abilities that are produced as a result of the exchange, for example all women I’ve had any serious ceremonial rituals with, including but not limited to covenants, I’m telepathic with.

I was also a well known trainer, I helped develop sexual skills for other BETAS who were learning the ropes, so to speak. BETAS indiscriminately sleep with men, women, children and animals, they essentially have no inhibitions at all; snuff acts are a common request, sexual depravity of the worst kind. We’re also strung out on drugs most of the time and live in a fantasy world: a slightly hypnotic trance of partying with famous people, having wild sex, and enjoying the fast pace that comes with the occupation. Needless to say, this is completely unhealthy behavior. Within the Illuminati they simply call hedonism “fun” and it’s normalized: you’re considered a prude if you don’t follow along. This is why the “drugs, sex and rock and roll” lifestyle is so heavily promoted in the media: that is to indoctrinate the public to the acceptable standard of interpersonal relations vis-a-vis Satanic values: normalization of depravity. Eventually they would like the public to accept pedophilia which is a preference for many of the “elite.” I try not to be judgmental as I know many people within the Illuminati who enjoy this lifestyle, although it does seem that most of this deviant behavior is the culmination of a lifetime founded on childhood trauma, and the reinstating of the trauma via regular programming. I agree with Lisa when she says this is extremely damaging to the soul, in fact these behaviors necessarily develop into pathological behaviors such as Narcissism and Sociopathy, the end result being soul fragmentation. I’ve had many lovers within Illuminati, sometimes this extended to relationships during the day (host persona), that I might get into later. It’s normal for even lukewarm acquaintances to have sex immediately on meeting within Satanic cults: quick sex is simply way of saying “hello, how are you?” Promiscuity is the norm, emotional detachment is the norm, genuine intimacy is rarely achieved and becomes maladaptive, as per Satanic doctrine: pain and love is the same thing. There is always this reversal element, that inverts a healthy connection between men and women in the Illuminati, and this is actively encouraged by supporting unhealthy personality characteristics: such as narcissism, seducer archetypes and self-worship.

These destructive personalities fuel a lifetime of looking outwardly for external (usually material, and sexual) objects to distract from their internal misery, which spirals into addictive behaviors that become impossible to resolve. Programmers use these hidden traumas, usually unknown to the cult member as a mechanism (Operant conditioning) to continue the re-uptake of pleasure (positive reinforcement), as a temporary means to escape their inner pain. Since this becomes cyclical, and results in diminishing returns, you need more and more pleasure to return to a state of equilibrium; they eventually hit rock-bottom: there’s not enough cocaine and champagne anymore to feel happy. Once the victim reaches this state there’s a tendency to take the trauma out either on the self, or by performing a homicidal act on another. This of course destroys the empathetic quality of the soul, which is a feeling presence, and awareness of oneself, and our connection to everything. I’m worried about other sex slave “BETAS‘ who are still stuck within the Illuminati prostitute grinder, and how it’s affecting their energetic integrity. They go through their lives stuck in a loop of flip flopping between pleasure, pain and guilt for never being able to reconcile their trauma. I’ve been connecting to the collective consciousness and have seen two people, who would be considered my primary lovers within the Illuminati, and their souls have been completely distorted; you could almost perceive their souls as resembling nonhuman, a transfiguration taking place due to the misregulation of energy – this is a tragedy! Amazingly charming, and beautiful both these woman are in essence. There’s always hope, I was in a similar situation, and have resolved most of my trauma, and addictions, as well as releasing my narcissistic qualities (less pronounced, but present), the sociopathic qualities are still there, but this is due to spiritual warfare, another subject all together.

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