Divided Mind

I’m interested in describing how does the Illuminati lifestyle is designed. Most people assume it’s a bunch of blood-drinking, child sacrificing, oddly dressed weirdos that meet in mansions on specific nights to worship Baal – this is only half-true. Most people in the Illuminati, don’t actually know they’re in the Illuminati. We are essentially living double-lives: this means we have a day persona and a night persona. Often times our personas are opposite in nature. My daily personality has warmer traits: passive, quiet, non-confrontational, “spiritual,” sociable and kind, I’m also a Christian. My evening personality is inverted: loud, aggressive, charismatic, hyper-sexual and dominant, I’m also a Satanist (interesting note – see how much I switch when I write). So this is the Illuminati dual nature and this is a very common setup. Not everyone’s MPD system is designed that way, some have a host persona that is more shell-like: cold, tasteless, boring, and unsociable. They have hidden alters are more developed (socially) and take the body depending if the context is appropriate. Our minds are very much like a community. We don’t have a single consistent personality state like most people. Alters are constantly jousting for control of the body, an example: I can listen to Bach, Ariana Grande, E-40, Lightning Bolt and Kate Bush in one sequence, it will still make sense to me. Most people don’t have such wildly different tastes in music. Illuminati members have a whole host of diverse ego states that have completely different tastes, often hostile to each other. The Christian personalities yearn for kindness, wholesome food, gospel, folk music, and community; the Satanic personalities crave obscure electronic music, McDonald’s, crack cocaine, sex, and power. So this is an internal reflection of the world inside the mind of an individual.

Our lives are also defined at a young age using an occult neurobiological test: Personality Assessment System (PAS – John W. Gittinger). The Illuminati knows us deeply since childhood: they’re aware of our aptitudes, gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses, habits, etc. Our programmers use PAS to evaluate and predict our future behaviors, this is why I’m getting harassed right now! The PAS can map and predict how our lives will play-out from childhood, teenage years, adulthood and old age, to a very high degree of accuracy. There are 3 major dimensions that define our personality; External: ego doesn’t see itself separate from the environment (outgoing), or Internal ego does see itself as separate from the environment (withdrawn). The next dimension is labeled as Regulated: learns through quick retention of information, but doesn’t understand the content deeply; or Flexible: truly understands what they’ve learned, and will spend more time mastering their knowledge. The last dimension is defined as Role Adaptive: “charismatic,” personality changes depending on the audience or Role Uniform: introverted, personality remains the same regardless of the context. Different personalities are developed depending on their purposes. As I mentioned before I have a more stable Christian personality as my host persona (External, Flexible, Uniform) and a Satanic personality as my cult persona (External, Regulated, Adaptive). There are also unique personalities made for different tasks, an example would be a Delta alter whose only job is to kill something. A Delta doesn’t need to be personable (Role Uniform) but may need to have good memory retention to locate a target (Internal) and remember geospatial data and logistics etc (Flexible).

There are two phases where we can change our personalities (suppress our primary behaviors) the first part is called compensation and the second is called modification. So say we’re “External” as a child, in our teenage years we may choose to suppress this behavior type and choose to be “Internal.” This will produce a different overall personality, and if it’s not deemed suitable by the programmers for our planned lives, there will be behavior modification to get back on track. To clarify, our first 3 primary dimensions result in 8 basic types, there are 6 different positions within each basic type resulting in 216 discrete basic types. These discrete basic types can be defined in 5 different ways, suppressed or enhanced (compensation), resulting in 27 000 types. The second behavioral change (modification) results in 4 different forms of modification resulting in 1,728,000 types. To put it simply, they really know how to build a human being from the ground up. Research Fritz Springmeirs “The Illuminati formula used to create an undetectable mind-controlled slave” where this information originates from.

Lastly, once they’ve evaluated our primary personality, mapped how our role is going to fit into society, there will be many doors that open to make sure we’re successful at the role we’re supposed to take in society. Why do you think all these kids from the “Mickey mouse club” all become celebrities? That’s “Project Monarch” and their lives are decided when they’re born. American Idol and all that garbage are used as a decoy to pretend the average person has a chance, all celebrities are bloodline – Ariana Grande will tell you!

The only other way other than bloodline to “make it” is to prostitute yourself. Me personally, I’m currently being targeted pretty significantly, because they know I’m a loudmouth and there was always a chance I would whistleblow. There are some contingency plans laid out for my life, which generally involve “torture a bit more this time Kev.” Truths a neglected spouse who’s sleeping with black men, whilst her husband thinks everything is “smooth-sailing.” Truth is the resin at the bottom of a pipe after the smoke disappears. People want to pretend that this isn’t happening, I haven’t been given that courtesy. The CIA says they stopped torturing people and splitting their mind in 1973 – don’t let them lie to you anymore.


3 thoughts on “Divided Mind

  1. 1981 16 year old MKUltra photo holding the nuclear football on the ground after the Reagan assassination attempt. MKUltra programming began at age 11. 1979 Nelson Rockefeller poisoned at his office.


  2. You are the first person I’ve ever heard mention wild musical tastes. I’ve had these same preferences since childhood. No one could ever stand to listen to my music preferences because they were too strange. I never considered them to be a sign of my alters until your post. Thank you.

    Also, yes, I had a big preference for electronic music and alternative rock bands. I once ate Mcdonald’s everyday for a whole school year in college. I knew at the time the food compulsion was weird but I didn’t know about MK ULTRA then.


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