Why I’m doing this.

I’ve spent the last four years in a bizarre, spiritual, psychological war with the cult I grew up in. They call this “training” – I call this “getting fucked so bad,” that I can’t tell if there’s an outcome to this other than who can win a pissing contest between a spiritual novice or parasites with advanced technology. I’ve spent most of the time on the sideline except when I would scout a known shill (at least to me), and I would get in their business.

Anyway, to give a brief introduction: I’m a young, multiple, former Illuminati slave (this is what I’m aiming for), who had an entire history within this organization that included but not limited to: sacrifices, rituals, demonic worship and imprinting, torture, pedophilia, celebrity lovers, advanced military training, incest, political infighting, sleeping with presidents, artificial intelligence, knife fights, cloning, drug addiction, espionage, astral warfare, binge eating, excessive amounts of sex, simulations, psycho/spiritual warfare, DID I MENTION TORTURE!? and much, much more. I don’t mean to sensationalize, but you begin to cultivate a bitter sense of humor when raised in this cult. Truth is, it has been a horrible, marvelous, soul forging experience, and the only significant thing I can think of is “why is this still happening?”

I’m finding the internet is cluttered with political, social, religious, cultural and occult disorganization. Chaos magic everywhere, courtesy of the intellectually inclined sub-group, of sub-humans who gained access to the technology they shouldn’t have anything to do with. If you supply an organism with the emotional development of a schoolyard-bully, high on Adderall, the secrets to the universe you’re bound to mess things up royally. Thanks to those idiots I have the alphabet soup agencies on my ass: the only soup I want in my life is the one you dip bread in. I’ve had to face not only my own self history, which is traumatic enough; I’ve also had to deal with those Illuminati clowns who have done everything besides sending me a receipt because they’ve decided that I’m some kind of threat in the future. That’s as far as their logic extends, “threat” – “torture” – beep bop – analysis – “still threat” – “torture” – beep, bop beep – analysis – “still threat” – “torture.”  Momo at the CIA with amphetamine-fuelled outcry: “DAMMIT MAN!! you better get that goddamn man, in a goddamn torture machine ASAP! before I cable this to yarr superiors, yarr idiot!!” The CIA is made of well-educated buffoons, and I have evidence for it. I didn’t gain access to sensitive information by deception or security clearance, but because one of their servants was so impressed he could speak into a video camera that he decided to send me the evidence directly. Fuck, I’m like a double-agent! Well technically my alters are well-trained spies, but I don’t have anything on the books: no cables, no transactions from “CIA FRONT COMPANY 4328974982.”

To make things even worse my fellow comrades from the Illuminati: savvier, morally ambivalent survivors, have all decided to team up with the bad guys. I’ve literally found only two ex-Illuminati survivors on the internet that haven’t made a deal. They’ve all been convinced by the devil’s lie, that they are God! In the singular sense, the rest of us orbit around their testicles like a maypole. A pantheon of confused, inebriated, mid-20-year-olds who read Manly P Halls “The Secret Teachings of All Ages“, and studied Telecomix (https://telecomix.org/) and think they’re gaming reality. They naively believe that there is a hidden quantum state, between Boaz and Jachin, filled with celestial gifts that these special, dear children of the Illuminati ascend to as long as they “get in line.” Bollocks! I know a dodgy sales pitch when I hear one (my previous job, don’t judge), the only thing missing is a picture of the wife and kids, and a sad story about how mortgage rates are increasing too fast. I personally don’t believe the hype and like Sinatra want to do it my way. No compromises, no half-truths, no secret sexual favors on the side, no gurus, no hidden crack-addictions, just plain, clear-cut, TRUTH. Well to the best of my ability, my cult alters are well-known liars, however, I speak from the front!

Anyway, I will use this blog to vent, and also provide as much intelligence that a multiple, former Illuminati slave with zero education can. Please endure the long tirades, because I do have a serious motivation for doing this. They’re torturing kids, celebrities and common civilians through bindings of bullshit contracts that they don’t even uphold properly. Hopefully, things will be a bit more light-hearted in the future, after I have time to heal.

Aaron Porter (Real Name, not an alias).

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